Breaking up DTH and App installations from "tickets" or reported problems

Something I would like to suggest to the powers that be who run this community forum is maybe a way of breaking up some of these threads for DTH and Apps to break up the installation into one thread and then make separate posts about various “tickets” for these DTHs and Apps.

It is hell to scroll through over 1000 back and forths to try to figure out how to install the app. If I run into a problem, then a sub category under that app or DTH for various problems/solutions to it.

Most of the folks who develop these handlers and smartapps are sharing something with us at no cost, which they developed to scratch an itch of their own, and I consider any documentation beyond a few lines in the first release post to be a bonus. That said, if it doesn’t already exist some guidelines for “best practices” might be helpful to share in the development group. These are the things I’ve seen and appreciated:

  • Maintaining the top post in a ‘release’ thread with updates when there is a newer version, change/refinement in the installation procedure, etc.
  • Documentation in a GitHub page (@storageanarchy’s Ecobee suite is a great example of this)

Really, documentation isn’t the fun/sexy part of development, and it comes down to how much more time someone wants to invest.


Oh, and I am thankful for their work and recommend them whenever I can. I agree that there should maybe a link to a GitHub or Wiki page for the installation instructions.

Community developers are encouraged to take advantage of the existing unofficial wiki…