Brainstorm: Marantz Receiver & SmartThings

Scope: I want my SmartThings to sense when my Marantz Receiver is turned on or turned off. And based off that info, I want my lights to dim to certain levels for movie/tv viewing. How can I do this?

My idea: Run an arduino off of the receivers RS-232 port and constantly poll the receiver for information and forward that data to my SmartThings hub. What is the best way to connect my arduino to the SmartThings Hub?

Any other ideas?

Much easier method…
Plug it into a smart plug and report on the watts used… if it’s on then the power drawn will obviously be greater then when off
A small app or webcore would be able to control a virtual switch to indicate on or off.
That way you could set mode or scene dependent upon whether the switch is on or off


yea that’s a great idea. I am so glad I posted here.


I can probably help with an app to turn on a switch if you need
I created a similar one last week for someone who wanted to sense when a plugged in outdoor light came on

Consider a Harmony hub to control your TV and any other components. Then add the Harmony hub to SmartThings.