Brain Trust for new app improvements

I would suggest to breakdown portions of the main app into focused individual apps. Example, an iPad app that is only a dashboard app for quick access. Or a Hello, Home app that contains your actions plus some basic management. And I second everyone else’s suggestions throughout the community regarding the main app as it currently is in need of some refinements.

I was thinking a lot about this this week and I think the best solution is to provide all the within ONE app. But allow us to mark certain screens as the default launch screen. That way on each device you could say i want to control hello home actions from this most often and on this device i want to control all my lights most often.

This would allow for the app itself to be more finctional in my opinion.

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It’a good thought. It has been suggested before. Perhaps an app optimized for quick access and control (versus configuration) and as you mention, a tablet app as dashboard. Good thoughts.

I mostly just access my “Things” section. At least on Android, I find the app too slow to pull this up, so I’d just written my own interface through the OAuth endpoint. It’s much faster for me, but I know for many, that effort is probably not reasonable.