Braava jet m6

I have braava jet m6 it would like to console it by SmartThings how do I go about doing this?
Your help would be appreciated

There’s no direct integration at this time.

You can get partial integration with that model through either IFTTT or Alexa routines, if that’s of any help. :thinking:

Basically anything you can say to Alexa to command Braava you can put into an Alexa routine as a custom command.

Then you can start that routine by turning on a virtual device in smartthings. So you can create any logic you want on the smartthings side and then use it to have Alexa give the command to the Braava.

It’s not the most elegant and you can’t do queries, but you can do things like schedule the device to start when smartthings knows you’ve left home, for example.

Here are the commands you can use through Alexa*1kkm7h3*_ga*MTAwNjQ5MzUwOS4xNTkyOTU3ODk1*_ga_CX1FERKJKP*MTY1OTI5NTk0OS4xLjEuMTY1OTI5NTk5My4w&_ga=2.258389450.1358850283.1659295949-1006493509.1592957895