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Boycott Samsung Connect App

(Rich) #43

Connect is now the new smartthings app(integrated together/snowflake lookin icon)… it was re-branded, now my car uses the new smartthings app(snowflake icon) on my sammy phone to connect to the bluetooth.

Here… prior to the new “smartthings app(snowflake icon)”, I had samsung connect(it was yet a different lookin icon)… this was used for my car… nothing else that I could tell/or used and I had to download the “Smartthings Classic(Circle icon)” app as it is called now for Smartthings integration.

I did not need to download the new “Smartthings app(snowflake icon)” as this was already the Samsung connect app. It updated and now is now called “Smartthings (snowflake icon)” This is the app that we are all going to migrate to when the developers give the ok. Because of this I already had and use a samsung account so I did not need to upgrade my credentials for the impending migration.

Not sure if this helps clear things up or if I made things worse.


Ok I see what you’re saying. And why I could not find the Connect app on my phone anymore. I haven’t touched the new app and when my set up is working correctly I rarely need to open the old ST app either.

(Daniel Ionescu) #45

Do you have a Samsung car? Does it need a DTH? Can you control it from your phone?
I’m asking because my SmartThings app cannot connect to my car, but phone (S8+) does.

(Rich) #46

No, I do not have a Samsung car. I also have a Samsung phone… this connects to my car via the new smartthings app(snowflake icon). It does not control my car in any way. It uses the app for only hands free activities ie: Phone calls, streaming, messaging etc.

(Alwas) #47

Ok, your SmartThings app (snowflake icon) does not connect to your car/car radio, it’s just an icon, an overlay, to make the snowflake generation feel like they are being looked after, like there is unity across various products, to make things appear easier for them, to “streamline a brand’s reach”, and so they can give up all their permissions to one app, your phone connects to your car/car radio via Bluetooth, if you look at your snowflake app, there is a setting to opt out of showing your snowflake icon when connecting via Bluetooth.

(Rich) #48

I was unaware of that… Great information.
Thank you for the clarification and indeed there is.
Again I thank you for the clarification.

(Tim) #49

I spent days setting up ST, and now I’m going to have to spend more days setting up something else because I refuse to let Samsung harvest all my information. The Samsung Connect app has no right to demand access to all my information so I can switch on my kitchen lights. It’s totally invasive, unnecessary, and offensive. I haven’t seen support address this properly in any threads. I will have to switch to something like Hubitat now.

This makes me furious because my ST setup was optimized. There is no practical reason for me to have to switch other than Samsung’s coercive business policies! I’m going to tell all my friends not to buy Smartthings or Samsung. Assholes!

(Steven Shafer) #50

I agree with your concerns. It seems that Samsung is forcing this switch on Smartthings users. Like you, I am looking for alternatives.

An interesting one is that Google Home now supports routines. I had used SmartThings with Google Home to control devices by voice, but I think I can do much of that directly from Google Home. If so, then SmartThings will just be used for automation (e.g., motion detectors, turning things on/off at certain times of day, etc). That will make it easier to swap in a different automation hub. (One problem: since I started implementing routines in Google Home, it will no longer answer questions like “what time is it.” Seriously. I assume Google will fix this.)

Please post whatever device you switch too. That will be very helpful to the rest of us.



This has already been addressed by support, they are removing the preemptive permissions requests and will only request permissions on an as needed basis. Plus no one is forcing you to use the connect app…

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #52

They will be… sooner or later.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #53

Thought I would stop in and check on the boycott… Going good? :+1:

(Dan P Parker) #54

(Steven Shafer) #55

I think you mean going well. Good is an adjective.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #56

Not the way I’m using it… it’s a verb.

(Dan P Parker) #57

It’s a pun.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #58

Don’t use that dirty word with me…

(Dan P Parker) #59

No, no…not a pun…What’s that thing that spells the same backwards as forwards?

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(Dan P Parker) #61

I think you mean “to”.

(Focusrite) #62

Yes. Governments say we can’t have both security and privacy… But security IS privacy. So, i say give me privacy as the number one thing on the priority list.