Bought a US device to the EU (Sweden) - Problems ofc. Need to sell

first of, God damn for me being to rapid on the Buy Button.

I now have a US device in my home here in Sweden, and just now realised it wont work with other Z-wave EU stuff.

So if someone wanna buy it off my hands, write something at me.

but as it stands now, i cant even see it in the Smartthings App ?
as shown in the Setup guide there is suppose to be a icon in the app for Hubs.

I dont even have that, whats the problem, is Hubs even disabled in the Swedish app ?

US and European Z-Wave frequencies are completely different. In fact it’s illegal to use the US Z-Wave frequency in the EU.

I know, i said that in the post , and that i want to sell it…

But the other thing is, why dont the Hub icon show up in the App, do you know ?

Some of the models will not show up in countries where they are not supported. That’s probably what’s happening to you.

The hub icon is in the lower right of your screen shot. if you tap it, what models are shown?

Thats a print from the Support-page, My screen looks like this

ah, yeah. The app is region locked based on the country for your Samsung account. They’ve indicated a little but their expansion plans

So you have two options:

  1. purchase a hub from a supported country that uses the same z-wave frequency and then setup a new samsung account via VPN for a supported country
  2. wait for the Samsung to officially support your country

yeah, used a Fake account registered under UK Ip-adress then i got to access the hub. But then again, i need to get a UK based one, not a US. Daaarn it -.-
Thanks tho!


To create accounts in different regions: VPN is your friend…


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hehe you know it :wink:

i have decided to give up on the Samsung smart controller tho.
Going over to Athom Homey, More settings and more open, and all of the different connections =P
Dont like when a controller is locked down to a single little app, and even country based.