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Bought a US device to the EU (Sweden) - Problems ofc. Need to sell

(Gabriel Trosell) #1

first of, God damn for me being to rapid on the Buy Button.

I now have a US device in my home here in Sweden, and just now realised it wont work with other Z-wave EU stuff.

So if someone wanna buy it off my hands, write something at me.

but as it stands now, i cant even see it in the Smartthings App ?
as shown in the Setup guide there is suppose to be a icon in the app for Hubs.

I dont even have that, whats the problem, is Hubs even disabled in the Swedish app ?

(Bob) #2

US and European Z-Wave frequencies are completely different. In fact it’s illegal to use the US Z-Wave frequency in the EU.

(Gabriel Trosell) #3

I know, i said that in the post , and that i want to sell it…

But the other thing is, why dont the Hub icon show up in the App, do you know ?


Some of the models will not show up in countries where they are not supported. That’s probably what’s happening to you.

(Jimmy) #5

The hub icon is in the lower right of your screen shot. if you tap it, what models are shown?

(Gabriel Trosell) #6

Thats a print from the Support-page, My screen looks like this

(Jimmy) #7

ah, yeah. The app is region locked based on the country for your Samsung account. They’ve indicated a little but their expansion plans

So you have two options:

  1. purchase a hub from a supported country that uses the same z-wave frequency and then setup a new samsung account via VPN for a supported country
  2. wait for the Samsung to officially support your country
(Gabriel Trosell) #8

yeah, used a Fake account registered under UK Ip-adress then i got to access the hub. But then again, i need to get a UK based one, not a US. Daaarn it -.-
Thanks tho!


To create accounts in different regions: VPN is your friend…


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(Gabriel Trosell) #10

hehe you know it :wink:

i have decided to give up on the Samsung smart controller tho.
Going over to Athom Homey, More settings and more open, and all of the different connections =P
Dont like when a controller is locked down to a single little app, and even country based.