Bought a hue outdoor sensor - not supported in SmartThings?

Is it also constantly showing motion in the hue app? If so, it’s either a defective unit or it’s the placement of it, nothing to do with smartthings.

If it shows as inactive in the hue app but active in the smartthings app, then that’s a different issue.

Hi Richard,

I installed the DTH and was able to detect it using SmartThings Classic app, but it is stuck in “PLEASE WAIT” for configuration.

Did you experience the same when you installed it? How long did it take before the app was able to detect its status? If it wasn’t an issue for you, any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? It’s the only Hue Motion Sensor DTH listed under My Device Handlers.


No never had a problem I just installed the dth it just found the sensor and it works fine try deleting it and reinstall

Can i control the sensitivity of the sensor when connected through smartthings rather then the hue bridge?

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Thank you for attaching the link for newbies like myself. I tried loading the code and running it. What is it supposed to do? How do you link a DH to a physical device? Any guidance would be helpful.
I’m trying to connect my hue sensor directly to the SmartThings hub.

Please read the FAQ, it answers all of the questions you just asked. :sunglasses:

FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings (SmartThings Classic)

Also having the same issue. Using the DTH code, it keeps finding my outdoor motion sensor only as thing, not a motion sensor? Can I manually just change the thing device type to zigbee motion sensor in my api?

Fixed the SML002 got me also


Is the value in your screenshot “1737” the luminance reading? How often is this updated?

Kerry I am at a loss which indoor device handler are you using? I am kind of new at this.

I’m using the Hue indoor device handler. Haven’t checked recently if there’s one for the outdoor model. The only problem i have is you can’t adjust the sensitivity.

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Hi, are you people adding this just to smartthings or to the hue hub and and then to smartthings aswell, will it work either option or just to smartthings only thank you.

Some people use the hue bridge, some people don’t. It just depends on exactly what you need from it.

If you connect it directly to the smartthings hub, then it will work as a motion sensor for smartthings, but it will not be visible in the hue app and you cannot use it with HomeKit.

If you connect it to the hue bridge, it will be visible to the bridge. If you are using the official smartthings integration, it will not be visible to smartthings.

There is some custom code that was developed by a community member that does allow an accessory device like the hue motion sensor attached to the hue bridge to also show up in smartthings, but there are variable reports as to whether people find that reliable.

[BETA] Hue Accessories and rooms using Hue Bridge (TAP, Motion Sensor, Dimmer Switch) [DEPRECATED]

If you do have it connected to the hue bridge and you have hue bulbs that turn on because of the motion sensor, then you could set it up so that smartthings sees that Bulb come on and then does something. That will work for some use cases, but not others.

So it really comes down to the details of what you were trying to accomplish.

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At the minute i have the outdoor pirs to turn on 3x tradfri sockets in the loft that have security lights plugged into them, what i now need is them to also activate sonoff minis for my porch lights, so i think i will just have them on smarthings only and have smartthings do the routines, thanks.

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I heard the hue outdoor sensor was good future proof device. Now, I’m having issues connecting it to my ST V3 hub. If I use it only as a sensor to trigger actions, then it sounds like it doesn’t need to be connected to my hue bridge.

In that case do I use the claytonjn HueAdvanced (Connect) smartapp?

Sorry to reply to an older thread, but this one has a good amount of info regarding the Hue outdoor motion sensor and how to use the DTH a community member made.

I’m wondering if this can be linked to a SmartThings Hub (V3) as a thing, then have the device type modified in the IDE to a handler that will run local? I’m avoiding any handlers requiring custom work, forcing it to run in the cloud.

I understand I may lose options not running the custom handler, but I’m really trying to find an option that runs 100% local and will work after the Classic app is retired. Also, not wanting to buy a Huge Hub.

It might run just as a Zigbee motion sensor, but I don’t think you’ll get a battery report and you definitely won’t be able to use the luminance sensor.

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I also have the Hue Outdoor motion sensor, I can connect it to my ST hub (v3), but it will only be shown as a “Thing”. When trying to configure it only says “no connection”. I also do not wish to buy a Hue bridge. :man_shrugging:

I am using two of these with ST hub V3, following the directions in the following thread:

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Hi, sorry to answer on a old thread.
I have 6 Hue outdoor Sensors, and they have all been working fine. I’m however experiencing that they suddently stop working (no data beeing send/received). If I delete, and reinstall they will work somewhere between 1. Hour and 2 month, but eventually they will stop working. Do uou have any idea why this happens?