Bought 14/3 wire because no nuetral but having problems

I was gifted a GE z wave smart switch dimmer for Xmas and when I went to install I was hit with the bad news that I didn’t have a nuetral.

Today I purchased 1 25ft roll of white 14/3 cable to be able to get a nuetral.

So I have 14/2 going into the ceiling box with the chandelier. I now wired in the 14/3 to go into the switch. I followed this wiring diagram and can’t get it to work, I can’t even get the little LED indicator on the switch to light up. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

So the wiring diagram looks correct for how you need to wire the light and the 14/3 in the light box. Of course with the smart switch, you wire the black to line according to that diagram, white to neutral and red to load. If all of those are connected correctly, then there may be a loose connection or the switch is bad.

If you can you may want to use a multimeter to test the wires.

Thanks for the reply.

Just to be sure, it is possible to have the 14/2 going in and the 14/3 going out correct? I wonder if the switch is bad, I hooked up the old rotary dimmer and it works fine

This could help.

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The led should light up if line and neutral are connected to the smart switch correctly. You said the old switch worked with the black and red lines. I’d then make sure the neutral is connected to the switch and connected in the wire nut in the light box correctly. If those are you probably have a bad switch.

Thanks navat, at 1st I did have the line and load mixed up but I then swapped and still had nothing.

That could very well have blown the switch.

OK I bought a new switch and it works so I guess I ruined the 1st switch by mixing those up.

The only thing is with the switch off the LEDs are on but very dim. I threw 1 incandescent bulb in and they all turn off