Bosch Motion Detector

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Quick question about battery life…are there any data points on that yet?

Battery Life is quite good. All of mine are still above 95% with over a month active usage. Unlike my Zooz 4-n-1 and also my EcoSensors.

Thanks to all the contributors here.
I have the sensor running as fars as I can tell. Under devices the sensor shows, temp, battery, and motion. It also shows up under core as all those devices. The event log shows all events BUT it won’t trigger core or stringify. Tried using “motion sensor”: active/inactive “Sensor: “motion”
I am at a loss any ideas? Thanks in advance.

An update: I noticed that core did actually trigger on one of three detected motions, today. I have setup push notification for “Motion Sensor = Active”.
Device log shows all three. By the way one trigger was in morning one at lunch and one evening, so even though it does show up in the event log, it can’t in anyway be related to the 3 min limitation.

Keep in mind the sensor will only show Active for a few seconds - which is why I use (in WebCORE) Sensor CHANGES TO active rather than IS active

Thanks for the reply, yes I experimented with other settings (like just changes) but I do have it now “changes to active”. Now I am wondering if “changes to active or changes to inactive” may help detect it. But what makes no sense is why is it that the log is fine

Is that Core or WebCORE? I have no experience with Core as it is for all intents DOA now … perhaps look at WebCore ?

Here is what I am doing with my Bosch Sensor and WC (towards the bottom)

Thanks, webcore was not even on my radar. Throught core should be faster and more reliable than any web core since it’s running local.

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I just received one of these today. I created the DH and successfully added the device. I did the 90-second walk test and that worked as expected. Once the 90-seconds was up, it now doesn’t detect any motion at all. Any ideas on what I can do to fix that? Thank you!

Did steps 3 and 4 work ( not moving for 80 seconds, then flashing for 10 seconds).
Once that has completed you will not see the red light blinking anymore.
This triggers motion very briefly and turns off very quickly, then after that it won’t record any more motion for 3 minutes.
If you are watching the change, (motion detection) in the things section of your app, it will show motion for about 1 second.


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Thanks @hbr… that was it. With the 3 minute wait, I’ll probably just set any lights that get turned on stay on for 4 minutes.

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You can also add an additional smartlight rule based on ‘power allowance‘ so you can turn them off at 2 minutes. So two rules and you can mitigate the 3 minute fixed timer.

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Thanks @Smartphi… tell me a little more about how you set a rule based on power allowance. Appreciate it!

Use Smart Lighting app (yellow icon)

Check out the pics:

Power allowance = timer


Thanks @Smartphi… I appreciate you taking time to help me out.

Is there a motion sensor that does not have the 3 minute delay? I bought this to put in my garage so the lights turn on when motion is detected and then turn off if no motion after a minute. I would like them to be able to turn on immediately if there is motion again after 1 minute…but this one makes me wait 3 minutes. Are there any out there without a delay or a shorter delay?

There are dozens … depends on what you want to spend. I personally use a mix of Zooz 4in1 devices, Aeon Labs MultiSensors and these Bosch devices

The downside is the better they get … the more they cost :slight_smile:

Newbie question… how do I find that Smart Lighting app. I can’t search the Marketplace. Thanks!

The Marketplace is one of the icons on the bottom of your app. Click on that icon On the next page click on SmartApps at the top of the page. Go down to Lights and Switches and click on that.
On the next page it is the first App.


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Thanks @hbr… I was looking for Smart Lighting. Appreciate the help!