Bosch Motion Detector

Tomas…thanks for the DTH code. Was about ready to dump by Bosch ISW-ZPR1-WP13 motions.

So does this not work in the new smartthings app?

Check the thread on DTH’s that work with the new app. I have my Bosch’s working fine in the new app.

Hi all - Mine is saying “motion has stopped” one second after detecting motion. Is that normal behavior? I assume if I see “detected motion” followed by “motion has stopped” every 3 minutes give or take while activity is taking place in a room that it’s working as expected? And that I then should be setting lights off timeouts to greater than 3 minutes for any room I use this to turn lights off in yes?

Would you be willing to share the line of code you added to get yours to work?. I tried adding the vid: “generic-motion” that was mentioned in the thread but no luck.

Use vid: “generic-motion-4”.


Thanks SO MUCH for this device handle and the instructions. Few things are as falling-off-a-log simple as this is. It works perfectly and without any complication.

Let me also note that these Bosch TriTech Motion Detectors are the best Z-Wave and/or Zigbee motion detectors I have found yet - by far. The microwave detection is volumetric, so that anything with mass in the room that moves is detected by the microwave sensor. The PIR section has 22 normal-range zones plus additional near-range (look-down) zones. Both microwave and PIR have to trip before the detector signals motion. If you walk-test and adjust the microwave sensitivity as per the documentation, these detectors seem to be incredibly sensitive without any false detections.

These detectors seem to be heads and shoulder above the typical Z-Wave PIR detector.

Thanks again!

I just got mine. I was able to pair but it does not respond so SAMSUNG is researching it.

I used to install these ISW-ZdL1-Wp11G on the icontrol smarthome systems professionally. They are great sensors. Took a while to get it to work from on the ST hub V3 in Canada. Used the Scott Lemon Fork from Thomas. Sorry if im not giving proper credit where credit is due. First time here. link is

Issue im having is it works well on my samsung a5 using the old connect app. but on the iphone, my main phone, its showing “checking status”. I can only find the new app with 6 circles on the iphone. Anyone know how i can get the old connect app for iphone?

Thanks for everyones help here.

Please help. My sensor reports motion just fine but recently it hasn’t been reporting when motion has stopped. Therefore what happens is my lights that are connected to this motion detector never shuts. Any suggestions?

I would remove the batteries from the unit, then re-insert them while resetting the unit (I forget how this is done, but I’m sure the instructions are out there somewhere).

If the issue is still occurring, then perhaps new batteries are in order.

If all that fails, contact Bosch directly.

How to reset steps

It is working. The device led stops after 10 minutes. The led is only for location testing, then stops. After that the device will detect motion with a 3 minute delay.

Had that. Did a battery pull and toggled the tamper switch to fix it.

Sort of. It runs and works, but the main screen says “checking status “.

I installed the custom device handler then put batteries in the sensor and added to smartthings.

It came up as “thing”. So then i went into smartthings web app and manually edited it so that it uses the custom handler.

But it just shows motion. Motion never stops. I removed device and reset according to the directions above. No luck.

Any tips?

I have had to repeat the steps on some occasions.

I’ve tried removing and reading like 20 times. No luck. I think something is wrong with the device handler… when i re-add the motion detector, it does not automatically choose the correct device handler. I have to manually input it. Then it continues to show motion from the detector in the smartthings app… and after 10-15 mins the device becomes unavailable.

I’ve even tried deleting and re-adding the device handler.

I’m using the device handler by Thomas Axerot 2017 of the mydigitialdiscount website.

Classic app! Are you using the classic app?

Yeah. I’m using the classic app. Is that the correct one?