Bluetooth Update?

Not a lot of new posts in the last 12 months or so about v2 hub and the bluetooth radio being activated. I have a Sengled Pulse bulb dimable with bluetooth speaker I’d love to control, and there seem to be several request in the last few years. Any update? I’m running firmware 000.018.00022 perhaps the radio was enabled in a previous version?

It hasn’t been enabled, no indication from ST that it ever will be.


Has never been activated, and they’ve told us in the forums it’s not a priority on the current roadmap.

I’d also note that there is no IOT Bluetooth radio activated in the 3 most recent hardware Control units that have been released:

The Nvidia shield extension

The Samsung SmartThings connect Wi-Fi system

The ADT/SmartThings security panel

So I wouldn’t bet on it being turned on in the V2 hub anytime soon. :disappointed_relieved:


I haven’t done it but you might be able to use a Harmony Hub, if you’ve already gone one, and integrate through that. For a while I had Alexa activating a bluetooth dongle to turn on my HTPC but can’t remember if I had any ST integration with that

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