Bluetooth LE - practical range?

So, I’m thinking ahead to the v2 Hub, which is supposed to have BT. What do people think that the practical range will be in a house? Do you think we will need some sort of range extender? (I’ve never seen a BT range extender, so I assume this would be another BT device that acts as a relay)

I’m not 100% sure with BLE, but with previous iterations of BT there were different ranges based on the power of the radio. I believe it was 1 meter, 10 meters, or 100 meters.

I think the majority of BT uses the 10 meter range.

The other week I was doing some house cleaning and was listening to music with my BT headphones. I left my phone on the main floor, when up and down to different levels, into different rooms and never had a problem with connection. Assuming BLE uses the same radio strength and assuming you don’t have sure heavy re-enforced walls I would think it would reach most parts of a normal house without too much issues.