Bluetoo Lexi

So I was browsing Apple news, and I saw an app called “Lexi” which, is Amazon Echo but in your smartphone. In the article it said it was compatible with smart home systems, is it compatible with ST?

I went to their website as well as reading several press releases and reviews in the App Store. They make it sound like you can do anything with the app that the Echo can do with the exception of books and music. However, it was really short of any detail so while this is the long answer, the short answer is, I just don’t know for sure.

Was thinking about giving it a try but it would be at least Wednesday before I could find any time to even think about that. If you give it a try, post back here and let us all know about your experience.

Got in contact with a dev, this is the response I got.

That’s pretty much what everything I read indicated. Did you purchase the Lexi app?

Update: the app is very easy to use, I have noticed a few downsides you can’t run or execute routines, you are limited to switches. But otherwise it was a nice use, I will post later updates

Update 1: It seems Lexi can do simple math and weather.

Update 2: Lexi is unable to play or pause my Samsung speaker.

Update 3: After a few hours, I’ve noticed this is very helpful. I am able to check weather, toggle lights without the ST app, as of now it is proving worth the five dollars.

Bet there is probably a way around the inability to run routines. Something along the lines of a virtual switch where Alexa thinks she is only turning on a switch but in reality is triggering several actions.

I believe also that you can group things together in the Alexa app allowing you to have room configurations so you could ask for the living room to turn on or off etc.

How is this different from Roger? (Other than Roger is free and Lexi costs $5)


This, Just create virtual switches for the things that it can’t control. This isn’t any different than use with the actual echo devices.

Never tried Rodger either. Have you? If so, how did you find the experience?