Blue Iris 5 Integration (does old BI Fusion work still?)

A while back I went through the effort to load the BI Fusion Smart App into SmartThings. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to play with it and configure the devices. But I was wondering if BI Fusion would work with the new version Blue Iris 5?

Also with ActionTiles? I would assume ActionTiles would not have an issue bc it’s standard access.


I upgraded to BI 5 and the BI ST App and setup continued to work without any changes. (I use the app to trigger recordings if a door sensor opens when I’m away e.g and to set the BI Mode (according to ST’s modes.)

Mine works great. Also on BI5 as well.

Thank you for the quick replies!:+1:

ActionTiles should work if Blue Iris still offers embeddable MJPEG streams or JPEG snapshots.

Authentication parameters in the form: user:password@address are blocked by Chrome and Android Webview (Fully, etc.), so you likely have to disable authentication in Blue Iris. This is reasonably safe within your NAT protected LAN.