Blown water line and finally impressed wife

I was outside my deck relaxing and my wife was pissed running out with a head full of soap screaming that damn smartthings valve thing or something is turning the water off half way though her shower. I thought it was funny for the timing. Checked the phone and there it was. A notification for a wet detection at my basement kitchen. I don’t even use the basement kitchen. Thinking it was just a false alarm. Upon inspection. It was a burst pex line just right under the sink caused by my son playing hide and seek earlier. There was quite a bit of water but I am pretty sure it would be a lake if it was not for SmartThings. So with all the things that didn’t work with smartthings. I thank you for saving my ass and my impressed wife with my useless HA.


Useless, she said. Good job, she said. ;))

What was the make and model of your ST shutoff valve?

I have the zooz valve and didn’t have much of an issue setting it up with my 3/4" water shutoff and the genetic ST Z-Wave Water valve device handler.