Bloomsky Weather Station

Thanks. This fixed the issue!

Thanks @lexis350 @dchau11

Has anyone else had issues with the storm not reporting the correct measurements on SmartThings? If so how did you fix it? I want to have a SMS sent to me every night with the day’s rain measurements.

I can’t get the Storm to report properly to BS, nevermind ST.

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My Bloomsky always says the battery is zero for the last 6 months or so even though it’s not zero, and the storm data is nothing. Of course the Bloomsky app itself doesn’t report anything either with the storm other than showing the battery life of the storm. Did Bloomsky just implode?

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Mine still works

Mine still working also.

My original BS1 is still up there clicking away after over 3 years. The second one I got died in 6 months and the replacement unit never worked. Storm was never close to accurate after their constant promise to fix with FW it too just reports battery level. Their app has always been hit/miss. TBH I haven’t heard anything from BS on any of their social media in months. I know WU integration is fried again. My station reports on Wunderground website, but hasn’t reported in the WU app on my phone or TV in months.
With the promise of a new Wyze outdoor rated camera, I’ll probably finally climb up & retrieve the Storm & mount the Wyze cam up there. See if I can canalize the storm to power the WyzeCam.

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Both of mine are working fine … the storm is also working great, even though it’s still staked to the ground (open field), LOL

I think mine is working (BS-WU-ActuonTiles), kind of hard to tell … it’s been raining for weeks.

BS-WU / AT is fine. WU website is working. It’s just the WU app on my phone and TV that show it as all " – " down the list.

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I’m obviously missing something here.
I installed the app and handler, did the line 100 patch and still can’t get my BloomSky to show up as a device.
I got the api key from BloomSky and, as per their instructions added {‘Authorizaton: the api key} and still no device is added.
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Try these instructions I wrote up using all the info provided in this thread…

Install the SmartApp:

  1. Copy the code from the author.

  2. Sign into the SmartThings IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Choose My Locations, then your location (probably called Home).

  3. Choose My SmartApps, then choose New SmartApp, then select From Code.

  4. Paste in the code you copied then click Create. Then choose Publish, For Me.

Update: To Fix a bug in the BloomSky (Connect) smartapp…

Log into your IDE
Go to “my smartapps”
Click on the “bloomsky (connect)” app
Scroll down to line 100
Change: collectAll{it.DeviceID} to collect{it.DeviceID}
Save, publish
Load BloomSky smartapp in smartthings, enjoy.

Just have to remove the “All” on the collect command.

Install the Device Type Handler:


  1. Copy the code from the author.

  2. Sign into the SmartThings IDE. Choose My Locations, then your location (probably called Home).

  3. Choose My Device Handlers, then choose Create New Device Handler, then select From Code.

  4. Paste in the code you copied then click Create. Then choose Publish, For Me.

Note: In some rare occasions, you must manually assign the device type handler to the specific device. To do this, once the Device Handler is published in your own library, select MY DEVICES in the IDE and choose the specific device you want to have use the new device handler. Choose Edit, choose the new device type handler under the Type pull down menu.

Installation after adding the Bloomsky (Connect) Smartapp and Bloomsky Device Type Handler in the IDE:

Sign into , click Developers

Copy your API key .

Note: Your API key is a bunch of random letters and numbers. It is easy to have a typo if you try to type it in manually. Always copy and paste the API key into the SmartThings app. Copy it and paste it into email, then email it to yourself. Open that email on your phone and copy and paste into the SmartThings app.

Open the SmartThings Classic app on your phone, tap Marketplace, choose SmartApps, scroll to the bottom and choose My Apps

Find BloomSky (Connect) and select it

Copy/Paste your API Key into the BloomSky (Connect) app, set your refresh interval, select Enable Debug logs, assign a name if you want, and then tap Save. After this step the Bloomsky (Connect) App should create a device found on your network. The name will be Bloomsky***** with the stars being randomly generated characters.


I installed the new SmartThings app last week and it reminded me that I have still have a bloomsky. I keep getting notifications that the rain sensor is wet (correctly while raining/snowing)… and when dry.

How do I make it stop? It is not set up in STHM leak sensors. The device settings doesn’t have notifications option

Hello I installed my Bloomsky yesterday and it has done its first time-lapse very impressed. I do have one question I would like to know if I can get my camera URL so I can broadcast single shots on my website is there a camera URL besides the API? I want to upload image files to my hosting service etc.

If you scroll up, you should be able to find the URL for the camera. It’s hidden in the BS UI dashboard. I remember adding it to my WU years ago.
You can also set IFTTT to upload each pic and TL to Google photos and just pull the images from there.

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This PHP script method is no longer working for me within ActionTiles. It used to work great when one pointed a media tile at the .php script on the webserver space. It has recently failed. Contacted Alex at ActionTiles and it is believed to be on the Bloomsky side. Anyone come up with an alternative that is working to display the current picture from thier bloomsky to ActionTiles Media Tile.

I just created a BloomSky account (via web page) and established a username and password. Also set up a Favorite location, and obtained the API key.
I also installed the BloomSky app on my phone, and logged in with the same credentials.

In the IDE, I added both the SmartApp and DH via GitHub, saved, and published.

In the new SmartThings app, I added the new BloomSky (Connect) app, supplied the API (does it need the: ‘Authorized’: prefix?) and hit done.

SmartThings does create the BloomSky (connect) app on the phone, but I never see a “BloomSkyXXXXX” device created.

Any suggestions what I am missing?

Here Is My Bloomsky And Storm: Please Follow Me!
Eye On The Sky
1753 Oakwood Ave. Napoleon, Ohio 43545
Looking NW Located In NW Ohio Between Toledo And Ft. Wayne Indiana

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Bringing back from the dead lol. Has anyone tried to replace the battery on their version 1 bloomsky? I just noticed that mine stops reporting when the sun goes down.