Bloomsky Weather Station

Upgrade you router :slight_smile: . seriously though, if your main router only allows for 1 SSID and you want to keep it, I would set up a secondary AP and firewall it from your main LAN.

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Could you explain in a bit more detail how we find this URL?

Stereo Weather! It’s great until you end up getting two hurricanes, or two tornadoes.


You could set up another router that gets connectivity from Ethernet, then uses it to supply internet to a wifi network the Bloomsky is on.

Got mine too! Yay! You get a BloomSky! You get a BloomSky! Everyone gets a BloomSky!


Ha! It’d be 2 tornados for sure.

Im not going to push my luck and get a second one. Im sure someone at bloomsky would notice the address as a registered address, and cancel the second one.

They obviously approved in batches. I got mine as well, and it’s on order!

I suggest going with the replacement router option. If you’re gonna add an access point, and if you can talk your finance officer into a little bit more cash, you might as well just replace the router with a new one (you don’t have to get the top of the line; I have an older and lower class model, and it gives me multiple SSIDs).

It’s a cable modem thru frontier not sure if they have anything else should I ask?

   For those who missed the 10th deadline, looks like it was extended to 17th.

I believe the 17th is the ordering deadline if you were accepted. Per the email I just received:

“What’s the next step? Click below to fill out a short partnership agreement with instructions for ordering your station by Wednesday, February 17th 11:59pm PST.”

Go to his station link.
Right-click (or whatever is your context-menu-click) on a blank part of the page and choose ‘View page source’ (or whatever is the process for your web browser).
In the page source code, search for the three letter acronym src.
It will probably be the third or so hit for src in the code.
Copy the entire http link, like this (you can add the http:// to the beginning of the URL if you want, but I bet most browsers will be able to use it that way (starting with the word ‘storage’)…

Hopefully I didn’t miss a step, but if you still need help, let me know.

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Got my email too!! :grin: (Applied Feb. 5 for anyone who is wondering turnaround time). Cant wait to get it.
Camera quality from images posted looks great!!

Same here. Well mine arrives Monday. I ( literally, accidentally) filled out a second application last week. I got an application email about 20 minutes before I received the approval email with last week’s code. So I filled it out, when I got the approval code I assumed application email was a mistake. I just got another acceptance email .

I had talked to my parents about putting one in their yard, but never bothered filling out the application. Well looks like I don’t have to. I hope the don’t mind it when I change the address it is set up at. They live about 30 miles west of me and I will still be the closest one to them. If not I guess we’ll have views of both the eastern and western skies at my house LOL


[quote=“CDJ, post:292, topic:38202”]
I believe the 17th is the ordering deadline if you were accepted
[/quote]No, they really did extend the deal to apply to for the free one at

Thanks for heads up on this! I got an accepted email today and placed my order (for $20 shipping). I’m excited.


[quote=“jlv, post:296, topic:38202, full:true”]
…they really did extend the dead…[/quote]

Is that like resurrection or something? lol sorry…hard to resist. :slight_smile:

Good catch on the extended deadline. I saw it earlier, but ignored it since I already got one. Now though, I’m going to put more into getting the word out with more relatives, etc (my folks are getting one too).


As others have stated they seem to go out in batches. Deadline was the 3rd, then we all got approved on 4th and it was shipped on 5th. Deadline extended until the 10th. Now the application submitted by the 10th were approved on the 11th and ( assuming they will ship on 12th.) Next approval deadline is the 17th.
I am also ass-u-me-ing that this cycle may very well continue until they send out whatever number of units they set aside for this program.

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I applied today and received an acceptance today.

No shipping confirmation yet. Guess that is too much to ask. :sunglasses:


  • Corrected pressure unit
  • Fixed trailing decimals for pressure and temp.

Well guys this is where I’m at, my modem thru the wonderful cable company does not support public networks or multiple ssids. It is the best modem they have available and no upgrade. They do not support 3rd party equipment or bridging. I know how to access the router settings etc, if someone has time to kind of walk me thru what to do to set up a public network for the bloom sky with out putting me at risk id appreciate it, if I need a new modem which one, relatively inexpensive since this will be the only thing on the network it will be right near where I plan on putting the bloomsky. Thanks in advance everyone

History shows label will be printed tomorrow and UPS will pick it up on Monday ( could be Tuesday with the holiday overload of UPS. I’ve already gotten 2 delivery rescheduled announcements from UPS for stuff originally scheduled for Monday delivery pushed until Tuesday. as of now Bloomsky will be the only thing still arriving Monday.)

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