Bloomsky Weather Station

I applied same time as you and nothing yet.

Ok. So, we wait :-). @diehllane In between, did you get any email confirmation when you applied?

No, I did not. I was not overly worried about that though.

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Thanks @Yongfeng_Zhang!

One other question… For the readout on the battery. What is the minimum voltage the unit needs to run? If we know that I can estimate the “percentage” of battery left.

Also, if you want you can send me a PM too. ST is very interested in this device. :slightly_smiling:

Yey, game on…


You’ve been carefully selected to receive a free BloomSky Weather Station.* Yay! We’re looking forward to adding your weather view to the BloomSky network.

What’s the next step? Click below to fill out a short partnership agreement with instructions for ordering your station by Wednesday, February 17th 11:59pm PST.


Actually… just got my notification that I’ve been selected!!!
Tagging @MGatMileHigh
Check your email.


Got one too! Woot! Can’t wait to give this a shot!

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For those who missed the 10th deadline, looks like it was extended to 17th.

Remember, your friends and family are eligible to host a BloomSky weather station as well! How cool would it be to view each other’s weather stations? There’s still time to apply online here.

Yay!! Got the email :D. Thanks @diehllane.

So I just got a second email for getting a free one. Mine will arrive tomorrow, and I have another acceptance email in my inbox as I type this.

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Got mine coming too!! How can I make a separate public wifi for this don’t want to open my router for the whole world, what should i do?

You’ll need to know if your router supports that.
Newer routers are coming with the ability to have multiple SSIDs (guest, private, and also different ones for 2.4GHz and 5GHz).
Do a search on your router model and see if it supports it.

I am planning to enable a separate station on my router for this…

Yep, I have mine on a guest account.

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Hows the DTH working for everyone?

No acceptance email for me, but I keep hoping. Maybe they don’t want UK users, only US

Just got my acceptance too, yea!

Would someone please post or PM me their BloomSky’s MAC address (or a portion of it)?

Mine will be arriving on Monday. I will let you know then.

Motorola Nvg589 uverse modem looks like doesn’t support guest network, what are my options now, it does do ip passthrough