Bloomsky Storm

Just click on “view pledge” on the Kickstarter page Backer number is at the bottom.

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Like I said, I looked back through emails, never actually looked at KS site.

Unlucky #213

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Well, the Storm arrived today, but it was too dark out for me to mount it … somewhere. It’s just sitting indoors for now.

BTW, the Storm comes with bird spikes … they’re kind of wimpy, though, but I guess it should deter some of the larger tweety birds from landing. The ravens around here are gonna love this thing :unamused:

From the BS website:


My backer number is 325. I got the Storm with the tripod; I’ve heard nothing recently. :frowning:

[quote=“elf, post:83, topic:53226”]
BTW, the Storm comes with bird spikes … they’re kind of wimpy, though, but I guess it should deter some of the larger tweety birds from landing
[/quote]Hopefully they will help. It’s been a problem with my Sky - I’ve glimpsed them over a dozen times.

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Got my Storm today, I already have the Sky1 so I pledged the appropriate package “with tripod” later changed to “tower mast” in the survey. However, no mount, mast, or tripod was shipped with the order… Anyone else have the same problem with the same pledge?

Amount pledged
$104.00 USD
EXCLUSIVE REWARD FOR EXISTING BLOOMSKY USERS ONLY! WORKS ONLY IF PAIRED WITH SKY1 OR SKY2 DEVICE [Future MSRP: $139] This reward includes one STORM + solar panel + a complimentary tripod stand valued at $59. This is an exclusive Kickstarter deal. The tripod stand will be sold separately after this campaign.

They posted the mounts were being shipped separately as they were supposed to arrive this week and they wanted to get the Storms shipped out ASAP. I also ordered the tower mast.


I questioned that as well. The tripod was part of the original package. They added the pole option during the campaign. I can understand the pole mounts being delayed, but not the tripods. ( Not that I’m getting up on the roof to mount the tripod any time soon anyways )

I may be wrong, but it’s highly unlikley :smirk:.
I have the Sky 1 which read UV levels, doesn’t the Storm read UV levels too? Which gadgets UV reading will show up in the BS app?

My storm is arriving later today. I will at least plant it in by backyard for now. The forecast for Christmas day (in Omaha, NE) is 51 degrees with a 1/2 inch of rain & possible thunderstorms. We won’t have a white Christmas but will be able to test my new toy.

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That is the $1,000,000 question. Of course they should be the same reading.

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Also gonna plant my $3 plastic rain gauge about 3 feet from my storm. If I do get the rain, I’ll post how they compare.

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You got the expensive one. I bought mine at the $1 store about 5 years ago. Markings have faded in the sun over the years, but it still holds water.


Yea, I spent about $110 for a rain gauge! Occasionally I’ll use the wind stuff. Please don’t tell my wife.:grinning:


Wonder what the Storm’s range is, since it wirelessly connects to a powered dongle (which is attached via ethernet cable to your LAN)?

Getting accurate wind measurements probably requires mounting the Storm high up, well away from large structures. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be the case with mine — the best I can do is mount it in the back, on the balcony (with the Sky1) — so, yeah, I can tell if there’s wind, but at what speed? :confounded:

" Debate " on this on BS user FB page. All the " professional weather watchers" chiming in on " proper installation location" Temp has to be 2M, wind has to be 10M rain has to be 3M must be XX from any other structures blah blah blah . Of course when they are all on one device that is pretty much impossible.
I will admit that I know the wind speed is completely wrong from my Acu-Rite mounted off the back deck. Between only being 10’ from the house on one side and having bushes 10’ in the other direction it never reads anything over about 6-8mph even during a hurricane. That is why Storm is going on the roof. Even then there is a 150 year old maple tree that shadows the house, to the SouthWest, so it is still not going to be completely accurate.

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Yeah, that’s gonna be my case. I suppose I can put the Storm on a metal pole, in the middle of the backyard (which is surrounded by brick walls), but that’s just going to attract birds that will want to build their nest in the rain cup, LOL.

Gonna have to give this some more thought. Da*n house is still going to cast a large wind shadow no matter where I put it — unless it’s on the roof … hmmmm.

NOTE: I swore I used “d.a.m.n” in this forum before, without it being censored :smile:

10M isn’t far. There’s a lot of turbulence even at that distance from a structure. Now, if you meant 10 MILES, that’s different LOL.

Edit: Belay that … you were speaking of height :smile:

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Could be the UV sensor on the Storm is used only with the Sky2, since it doen’t have a UV sensor.

Also noticed that while Storm data is available in the BS app and on the BS map site, it’s not being pushed to wunderground or the BS dashboard ( :unamused: I got a feeling that the Storm data isn’t currently integrated in the API, but I hope I’m wrong about this.

Found this on one of the FAQs

▻ I have SKY1 and now adding STORM. How will the UV reporting work?

Both SKY1 and STORM has UV sensor. If you are using SKY1 with STORM, the system will automatically recognize and report from the UV sensor on STORM. You will not have to do a thing.

Last updated: Wed, Jul 20 2016 11:54 PM PST

Mine arrived to today. No shipping box. Not a bit of paperwork. Just a a label stuck on the unsealed product box. Looks like all the parts made it.

Any tips on getting Storm to work?

I have a sky1, got the storm last night. In a rush last night, followed directions to pair and placed unit outside to get sun in order to charge storm.

I am at work today and the iphone app shows battery empty for the storm, full for sky1.

Any tips?