Blizwolf BW-IS8 checkinterval problem


So i bought Blizwolf BW-IS8 for Air conditioner controll with temp (mostly on/off). Got it set up pretty easily and now using “SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor” as DTH and its showing all the temp, humid and battery correctly. My problem is that it doesn’t update the temp often enough. I’ve set it up so that air conditioner will go on after temp drops 18.5 and should stop when it goes above 20. But that happens pretty fast 15-20min and bw-is8 isn’t updating (looking the temp from my ruuvitag) fast enough.

From the IDE I see that the checkinterval is set at 7230s and no matter which DTH I use it doesn’t change. There probably also some update command for when certain difference in temperature happens.

My question is, can I somehow make the check interval update more often or maybe report to difference more faster, let’s say in case the difference in temp is something between 0.1-0.3?

No prior coding nor dth modification knowledge if that makes a difference. Using webcore for my automations. If anyone could push me into the right directions, would be appreciated! :slight_smile: