Blink XT - IFTTT ,multiple camera set up

Hello all,

I am new to Blink and IFTTT. I am trying to connect my 3 Blink XT’s with IFTTT app on my iphone 7 plus to enable function to auto on/off when I leave/get home. Problem I encountered during IFTTT set up is that I can only see one camera out of three.

Am I doing something wrong? or IFTTT does not support multiple blink cameras?

I appreciate your help!

Blink’s IFTTT service supports arming / disarming of sync modules, not individual cameras. So, you are probably seeing your sync module as opposed to an individual camera.

Also – this is a support site for SmartThings, not Blink, so unless you have a SmartThings hub and are looking to integrate IFTTT / Blink with your hub, you may want to reach out to Blink for support.

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