Blink: wifi camera/motion sensor on Kickstarter

FYI if you create a Simulated Motion Sensor and use Tasker, you can have ST react to Blink motion detection. I have my Blink connected to Smart Alarm.


Is this API legitimate from the Blink which @beckwith and @schapper05 talking about or is this one of the no name knoff offs which are sold from Amazon?

The API info is from the Blink Kickstarter comments section (from a user not Blink). I am not using the API so I can’t tell you if it works.

On the github page it says “Unofficial documentation for the Client API of the Blink Wire-Free HD Home Monitoring & Alert System.”


Here is what I did:

Took your suggestion to use dremel which is easier than using a drill.

Problem solved.

I think Blink should consider having a hole in the bracket because there is plenty of plastic left for strength.


In that case I think we have a promising start to use Blink as a multi sensor(motion/temperature) and a camera. But for this API, we can integrate it with @Mike_Maxwell creation linked below:

Hi @Tyler I think Blink is starting to get more interesting.


Hi @beckwith

@schapper05 I just received mine yesterday and installed them last night. The white LED at night has three different levels, low, med, high. It is very bright on high, but I didn’t try the other levels yet.



Depending on your lighting condition at night, you may not need the highest levels. I would recommend to increase the length of the clip to max and reduce the amount of time between events to 15+ seconds.

Enjoy your camera system. And feel free to ask or give advice.

Version 1.1.8 Android app released.

Home screen now shows updated status automatically
Landscape clip player
Live view now working on more devices!
Bug fixes and interface improvements

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Man, I really like the look of this system, but am struggling with Diving in without the functionality that I really want in this system… NAS and Being able to tell the system when to start/stop recording…

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I can’t argue with you on that @schapper05, but they seem more responsive to their system improvement and support…
I’d say go for it. I am enjoying this system and they will be/have to release the scheduled Arm/Disarm feature soon.

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I don’t know if the Arm/Disarm is the same as what I want. I would like to be able to tell the system to record continuously until I tell it to stop recording. You had told me that they are looking to increase the recording time, but i’m not sure how much, I did email support asking what they are looking to add. But without that info I really can’t make my decision. a 10s clip isn’t much…

That said I am still glad you pointed me in the direction of looking at these. I will probably end up buying 1 or 2 just for fun (a little addicted to electronic toys)

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You have to remember the big attraction of these cameras is that they run entirely on battery power – yes, there is a usb jack for power if you want to use it, but it removes the flexibility to move the cameras wherever.

If the camera was recording continuous video, the AA x2 batteries would die a fairly quick death.

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To you that is the attraction, but not to me, I think that the big attraction is the nice look/size, hope of integrating them to ST, NAS.

I think it’s almost a bold assumption that the “big attraction” is battery power. Yes that Is a nice feature to have, but I would say that just as much of an Attraction would be the promise of an open API, or NAS when most devices are locking these down and only going cloud storage, or only SD card storage.

Really it’s all personal preference in the world of technology. I think @JDRoberts said “My use case is not your use case” in response to someone at some point, and it’s so true especially in the HA sector of electronics.

Maybe i’m not the norm, but i’m sure i’m not the only one who would hard wire power to these.

If their worry is customers complaining about this they could always do what Aeotec did with their newest multi-sensor. If it’s hardwired continuous recording is available, if not you have shorter clip lengths.
Let the user decide how frequently they want to change batteries, All it would take is a simple estimated life to length of clip.

At $60/ea these would be a steal if they added a motion, temperature, sound, sensor and Video to my ST I would buy a bunch.


So true.

Does anyone know if the batteries are used as “backup” if the power goes out? I unplugged mine and it didn’t drop at all. But I’m not sure if it is even using the power if I have the batteries in. My old Aeotec doesn’t allow the batteries if powered.

The size is definitely a major selling point. I have ten of them spread around and they are very unobtrusive, as cameras go – about 1/8th the size of the many Foscams I’ve bought over the years, and smaller and less “camera-like” than even the D-links, Swanns, and their ilk.

The only downside, which was a philosophical decision that (it sounds like?) they may offer an opt-out on someday is the blue LED indicator comes on when the camera is either recording or being used in live-view mode. It was a privacy consideration, but it removes the ability for unheralded observation and may even get in the way of simple things like baby monitoring owing to the fairly bright colored light.

This blue LED is separate from the white LED that is used to illuminate a scene in the dark, which actually can be turned off.

I’ve seen a few people say this. Its hard for me to say if it would bother me or not since I haven’t dived in yet, probably not as all of my switches have blue leds if it were green it would drive me nuts!

But it seems like such an easy fix with white stickers many people use these on smart switch leds. Or if your ok with it a few white Coats of fingernail polish.

Well, the sticker thing would sort of work, but the truth is the white plastic housing kind of “transmits” the blue well beyond where the LED itself is, so there’s a general bluish glow over a much wider area.

Not to overstate it. It’s not super bright in any case, but it’s just that the blue is pretty much impossible to hide if someone wanted it to be 100% hidden (i.e. if you didn’t want your 12-year-old to know you were checking in to see if he was doing his homework, or using the Kindle)…

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Why not get another camera then? I have a Foscam C1, works great and it can integrate with ST. Right now only $49.

You see, the real beauty Blink is the mobility. Put it on places where you don’t have power. Otherwise, I would choose any other type of camera over this one.

I bought one specifically because I like the battery option.

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