Blink support discontinued!

This causes people more grief and chaos when those links are posted because new people come in and use those links and successfully login, but don’t have any location or hub and no devices. Creates a nightmare as well when supporting a SmartApp where the end user insists that they created the code and published it and yet it doesn’t show up in the Marketplace when trying to add. So it may seem as simple as whichever works, use it, thats not the outcome that results from the end user, using a specific shard when logging in.

@JDRoberts is there an existing wiki or a new wiki that could be created that directs people to the appropriate links for logging into IDE (web)? I have noticed it’s gotten a lot worse in the last couple of months with people logging into a hard coded shard when that’s not the one they belong to. It makes it difficult for SmartApp developers as this becomes a bigger pain point to support to try and figure out. Not to mention the end user screaming, what happened to all my devices!?!? :slightly_smiling_face:


As you pointed out, is the official link and will redirect to your correct shard.

That would be :slight_smile:

https:// required

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I think I figured out how to do the above. Testing now.

Thank You for this. This saved my automation.

back to IFTTT :frowning:

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Thank you for your explainations. The Blink issue forced me to look at IFTTT, which I didn’t fully understand. Your short explainations helped me walk through my first applets. I’m able to trigger the applets using a virtual switch. Thanks again!
Bob D.

The bad thing is that Blink’s IFTTT do not support my region (SG), so i have no any alternative way to connect to SmartThings.

if anyone wants to go complain in person :slight_smile:

For those looking to meet the team behind this award-winning product, Blink will be at CES Unveiled on January 7 and CES 2018 from January 9 to January 12 at Booth #42535 in the Smart Home section of the Sands Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D.


Peter Besen in person

Maybe “make a friendly request in person” would be a better term.


Is there a way to arm/disarm single camera’s. That and the ability to tap into the motion sensor on the camera was what I was using RBoy for. Looks like the latter is solved, but not sure about the former.

Not with IFTTT.

You can’t arm/disarm individual cameras, but you can still use them as motion sensors in ST though it is a bit of work.

How do I get my Santa hat tassel to go the other way? :slight_smile:

I was using my 3 Blink cameras as motion detectors for my smart Things. Is there anyway for me to set that up since Blink has been rendered useless?

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If you have an android device you can use Tasker, Autonotification and Sharptools with a simulated motion sensor device in Smartthings for your automations. You can also use Ifttt with Blink as the “This” and Smartthings as the “That.”

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I’ve left reviews on Amazon and Tweeted them to make my displeasure known. Everyone needs to do the same. If you tweet them, make sure not to start the Tweet with @Blinkforhome. That would make it so that only they can see the tweet.