Blink or Arlo?

I am trying to convince @Mbhforum to go for it so we can both get the extra 25 bucks, but he is a hard sale…lool


I have one Blink that falsely triggers when clouds roll over on windy sunny days. Seems to happen between 10:00 and 2:00 PM. I plan on playing with CoRE to reduce sensitivity during those times. Has anyone successfully played around with this yet?

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One other point about the LED light over IR; place it with no objects in the way or else light reflects back and washes out the video. This makes it tricky if you place under eaves. You want to place them high to protect from the elements but if you get the eave in the view it ruins it.

IR doesn’t seem to reflect back so positioning isn’t as critical.

Yeah, good point. All 10 of mine are indoors - I’ve been waiting for the outdoor Blink cameras before I mount a few outside. I’m hoping they’ll have true night vision.

From what I can gleam from Blink’s web page responses, they will have IR for their outdoor camera. However, they seem a little cagey and noncommittal so we will just have to wait and see.


Thanks all! After debating back and forth, I decded to go with Blink as price was the ultimate factor as it was HALF the price of Arlo after discounts. I couldn’t really justify spending that much more given I was so torn.


Can I bug you to shop with me, so I can also get $25 off?

Somebody beat you to it :slight_smile:

Sucks… Sob Sob :cry:
If anyone still looking to shop, PM me. I want to save $25 too.

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Tell me how!

PM sent…

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Referring or getting a referral. Both parties get $25. Looks like it worked for @Mbhforum . Still waiting for my “present” so I can get another cam…If you have Blink you can refer someone. If you don’t have one yet, someone here will help you out :slight_smile: Here is the link…

UPDATE: there is a gatcha for to get the cupon both ways…the new customer must spend minimum $99…or else the person who does the referral doesn’t get the cupon :frowning: @CarlosS do you plan on getting more than 1 cam?

Oh I have them, wanted to buy 2 more. So I will partner up with someone!

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I would recommend getting more than you think you will need. You think of ways you MUST have more after installing them. In fact I recommend the five set which is cheaper per unit.

I already have 22 but trying to hold off until the outdoor version is released.

Looks like the terms say you can only refer once (or twice per household). So I’ll refer someone if you private message me with your e-mail address.

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I have 6 right now, and the 2 is just kinda cause I want two more. ha. I can’t even imagine 22 rolling…you must cover every corner of the house? We have a big house but smaller yard, so can’t contemplate that many. You must have several of the hubs of theirs too; they only have 10 cams to a hub, right?

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Yes. I have five hubs. Got the original kick starter pair and bought four sets of five.


Finally decided this is what I need to add to my current security camera system. These will be placed where I do not have good coverage with my regular system.
Looking for someone that wants to share a give & get discount.
Please let me know


I added it in deals:

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$99 is the minimum for the $25 referral. A single camera is $99 therefore that should qualify for the referral. I’m interested in getting one or two. I would prefer an IR camera instead of having a light turn on, but that is a small issue for me since these will be inside cams. I’m waiting for the outdoor camera also to cover my front and back doors.

$99.00 - $25.00 = $74.00 which is less than $99.00. Someone has already tried this.