Blink caught a thief

I have a friend I recommended the Blinks and SmartThings to. He setup his home and likes the results. His Dad is in an assisted living center. He has started falling lately. My friend decided to setup a couple of Blinks so he can keep an eye on his dad. He started by installing on Monday the Blinks. So yesterday he opens the app to see if his Dad was in his unit or out and about as my friend was going to go visit his dad. instead he sees an employee walking around the unit carrying his Dad’s Ipad, going through his checkbook, looking under the bottom of all chairs, under the bed etc. He quickly activated the motion function of the Blink, and called the Office of the assisted living center, and the manager ran down to the apartment and caught the guy. He had already wiped the Ipad and turned off location services so it could not be tracked… thought that was a neat story.