Blink Cameras w/ST Routines

Hello all,

Got 5 Blink Cameras and RBOYs code installed. Been having it for a while. Can neither figure out how to correctly setup arming the cameras for video recording when they detect motion and/or triggering alarm when a selection of them detect motion. I’d like to have the following setup and maybe you guys/gals can help:

  1. Use geolocation/presence sensing to set to Armed Away Mode when my phone and wife’s phone aren’t present (this currently works correctly)

  2. when in Armed Away Mode, SOME Blink Cameras trigger an alarm and notifications when sensing motion while also recording video (example…If motion is sensed under back patio while I’m gone, I want siren screaming, video recording, and phone getting notifications. It’s a fenced yard and private patio. Motion there when I’m not home will 99% of the time mean someone is there that shouldn’t be)

  3. when in Armed Away Mode, all cameras are armed to record video when sensing motion regardless if they’re set to trigger alarm or not

  4. Use geolocation/presence sensing to set to Home Disarmed Mode when my phone or wife’s phone are present (this currently works correctly) + disarms cameras [stops motion sensing and recording etc] (not working correctly)

I don’t mind installing or using whatever is best to accomplish this. Your help is much appreciated.

I’m not sure if you are using SHM, but this is how I have it working:

I assume you meant Armed (Home) in #2.

I use routines to change SHM and mode.

The only presence device I am using is a ST fob for my daughter to turn off the system by running I’m Back routine and send a push notification when we are not present when she gets home from school (restricted to certain hours, days of the week and mode due to occasional hiccups with the presence).

For Rboy’s Blink Camera Manager App, In the Configure actions when motion is detected, under Arm/Disarm for specific SHM/Modes, under the Mode integration, I have selected each camera to arm or disarm for each mode. The Blink system (sync module) stays armed (The Switch Interface Arms/Disarms System instead of Camera switch in the off position on the main configuration page) and the cameras are individually toggled for motion or no motion. If you are just using SHM and not modes, you should be able to enter the information under the SHM integration instead of the Mode integration.

In SHM under security, I have the blink cameras selected under motion sensor for which I want motion to activate the alarm (these have to have the motion armed via the Blink camera manager for the camera to actually trigger an alarm for the corresponding mode). This is done for each SHM alarm status (Armed (Away) and Armed (Home)).

I can have a camera watching the front door area record and send motion alerts via the Blink systems when someone comes to the door, but not set the alarm off in ST. I have the camera’s motion turned on via the Blink Camera Manager App when not in Home mode (Good bye, Night and Vacation Routines----->triggers corresponding Away, Night or Vacation Mode) but not using it in the SHM as a motion device.

Hope this helps.

You can use RBoy’s camera manager app to arm/disarm when SHM arms/disarms, you can also set video length and motion sensitivity per mode in his app and finally you can choose to arm/disarm system wide or individual cameras.

That’s about all. To get more functionality, you will need other apps. I believe he has another app to set alarms and take pictures bases on certain events.

I personally use CoRE. It is the most versatile for scenarios that you personally want to concoct.

I use my Blinks for indoor motion detectors for home automation purposes. I would not have been able to do this with a stock app or even RBoy’s camera manager app.

Here’s an example:

Good Luck.

Also use this Piston to follow-up (make sure) that the Blink Controller didn’t time out.