Blink camera questions

I have my Blink cameras set up and they work pretty good. One issue that is driving me crazy is my front porch cam is going off way too much. Not sure how to post a screenshot but I have it aimed out to my front yard but don’t have any of the road in the image. But, any time a car drives by (I hear it on the audio) it alerts me. I have turned the sensitivity down to 1. Still happens. I might try to angle it down more but I’ll end up missing some of my yard.

Are there any other suggestions on what I can do to maybe make them not so sensitive?

Yup. It will be a trade off between coverage and unwanted notifications and recording. Alternative is always on recording but that has its downsides as well. Good luck.

I would think the new Blink XT (the outdoor version) will solve this. The standard blinks aren’t designed for outdoor use.

have you tried the camera in a difffent position slightly (put it at and angle rather than looking straight on at your yard). Hard to know without seeing the position you have it.