Blink camera error code not authorized

I’ve installed the device handler and the smart app as directed. the app shows in MY APPS. when I click on it I get “not authorized to perform requested operation” I have the OAuth checked also.
its shows as being an app in my ST but I cannot get it to start. anyone have this problem? I’ve contacted RBOY he said it was a ST issue…ST says they cannot support apps like this from the community.

ive been following this for sometime now. And from what I’ve been reading everyone was playing nice together ST/RBoy apps and then I get the its his fault responses. I’m sure if others have this app working correctly I’m missing a setting some place but otherwise its useless for me.

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Yep that’s correct contrary to what @tgauchat seems to think most of ST’s folks are pretty helpful. There are a few however who don’t want to do anything if the word “custom” or “community” comes into picture but by far most folks are helpful.

Is the issue when you click Done or as soon as your click on the app in My Apps?

I never said “ST’s folks aren’t helpful”.

100% agree.

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I actually fivured it out. In the code, i wasnt copying the code ABOVE the version number. I was just copying what appeared to be the actual code itself.Once i copied above version number it worked. Rboy helped alot but still wasnt sure what it was and as i said, smartthings washed hands of it instantly.

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