Blink Camera as a Motion Detector

One year later… is it still a case that If I want to film say 30 seconds, the Blink could not be used as a motion detector to turn on a light till after the filming has ended?

Yes that’s the design of Blink. They would need enough customers to request a change for this to happen because their native app depends on this design to notify customers when the video is ready for viewing

Did this get fixed? I’m looking to buy into this system, but I don’t want motion sensors to appear as “things” in ST if they’re not really motion sensors, but delayed-video-ready-for-watching sensors.

I’m not sure what’s there to “fix”, that’s how Blink has designed their systems. You can always request them to add a 0 second option in the camera settings so it can act like a motion sensor instead of a camera recorder.