Blink announced - Blink Video Doorbell

Looks interesting, undercuts the likes of Ring etc by quite a bit. Hopefully it lives up to its promises and comes over the UK quickly!


It looks interesting. I like that it has free cloud storage and isn’t a large round design.

My guess is the integration with SmartThings will be amazing!! :smiley:

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As Amazing as this one :wink:


Yeah, if anyone still wants to buy anything from Blink after their wonderful support…

Blink can go to hxll in a hand basket.

Don’t waste your time. Look Elsewhere.

Amazon bought Blink??

I just emailed Rboy about support for Blink existing and future products.

Maddie @ Rboy said that they are working with Amazon about how to address the current situation with Amazon buying out Blink and “As soon as we get update from them we will post the details on our facebook page/website.”

I’m sure they’ll come to an agreement and we’ll have some information for us ASAP.
Until then the code still works for my cameras on my Smartthings hub.
I hope to be able to integrate a doorbell in the near future.