Blinds that are 868mhz connected to smart things

Hello all, my name is Ruben.

I’m trying to find a cost effective way to get up to 500 blinds installed for new construction projects that are powered. I thought this was impossible until I found METechs however I’m having many issues trying to get them to work. But, price is great though.

For one, they are 868 mhz. That’s pretty uncommon in the USA apparently. The blinds come with a bridge that connects them to Tuya but I get tons of errors trying to send anything from Tuya to Smartthings. But then I realized I also had issues trying to send from Tuya to google assistant. So I’m convinced Tuya is just a buggy app. Anyway.

My end goal is to install a keypad in every home, it doesn’t take any extra wiring and replaces a regular light switch. So that’s a big win for production homes and this would allow for smart lighting, blinds music through Sonos, thermostat control, open lock doors with august. It’s a great, simple system - all in a wall keypad! Now, as for blinds, paying $1,000 per blind is unreal for hundreds of homes.

First question, is there a way to get a bridge that can accept the 868 MHZ signal? I found a smart hub called
homey that can accept the signal, and then potentially connect to smart things and then that would finally connect to brilliant smart home. Is that all necessary?

I’ve tried the bond bridge and the Broadlink bridge. Didn’t accept the signal. However, Homey should. It’s about $79 euros.

I was told that before smartthings IDE was disabled, people were able to fix the connectivity issue with Tuya. Is there a new workaround? The error I’m getting is: “ This device hasn’t updated all of its status information yet. Check again later.” This is with the tap to run function created.

Also is it really necessary to jump through so many hoops? Is there a more simple way?