Blind Roller Shutter rate control

(Vincent Arancio) #1

I have a issue with my PHILIO - Z-Wave Blind Roller Shutter PAN08

I can switch on and off but I can’t put percentage.

Any idea ?



Are you using a specific device handler for your device?

From what i’ve seen in regards to shutter modules they generally require calibration via limit switch detection or via moving time setting in the module’s configuration parameters.

Though, i have no experience with the module you’r referring to.

(Vincent Arancio) #3

I use Z-Wave Metering Dimmer device.
But one work perfectly with this handler all the other no :frowning:


I don’t think there’s a specific handler written for Philio shutters yet so i’m afraid i can’t help you much regarding those since i don’t have any. You’ll need a specific device handler written for Philio shutters to control % settings.

(Vincent Arancio) #5

But it’s strange because one work perfectly.

I try inclusion again but the same problem

(Ray) #6

How about try z-wave dimmer switch DTH?

Edit : try this DTH to see if the working one is having some other parameters needed as well. [BETA] Z-Wave Tweaker

(Vincent Arancio) #7

I try one with Fibaro dimmer and it’s work not perfectly but work.

But I want to try the beta-z-wave-tweaker, I try this thus evening.