bleBox Device integration

Initial Release bleBox Device Integration

I am please to offer the initial release, version 1.0, of the bleBox Device Integration including an Application and Drivers (for 9 devices). The code and installation instructions may be found at:

Installation: Instructions; including url links for import function, are at:


  1. MarioHudds (Mariusz) for his assistance, prodding, and provision of devices.
  2. bleBox for their open API, API documentation and techincal Support.

About these devices:
bleBox is a series of switches and other WiFi Smart Home devices that provide a range of both standard and unique functionality. Although not widely used in the US, they have a strong presence in some EU countries. This integration supports the following devices:

  • airSensor: an air quality sensor measuring particulate matter.
  • dimmerBox: an in-line control of single dimming device.
  • doorBox: a device that controls a door magnetic lock and can read (with reed sensors) door position.
  • gateBox: Can control garage doors, gates, and other pulse-driven devices. With appropriate switches (reed), an determine position of the gate/door.
  • shutterBox: control of window shades and shutters; including tilt control for devices supporting both up/down and tilt.
  • switchBox: a in-line device with a single on/off relay.
  • switchBoxD: a in-line deice with dual on/off relays.
  • tempSensor: a temperature measurement probe.
  • wLightBox: small, in-line controller of RGBW, RGB, and mono led strings.
  • wLightBoxS: small in-line controller of a single mono led string.

All devices and the app have undergone testing in Hubitat Enviroment by myself except dimmerBox (collaborative testing with another user.


The bleBox RGB module was my first ever smart device, before I discovered ST… though they were only Bluetooth enabled back then, no cloud and a very basic local only app.

The newer WiFi modules look good, and great to see a ST integration… nice work!


BleBox devices are manufactured in EU and fully with ‘made in EU’ parts so they are really safe. Not as cheap as devs from far far away but one of the safest out there. Hence 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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First, I would like to thank you @Gutheinz for uploading this integration. Its amazing.
I’ve added integration for shutterbox and dimmer box.
My shutterboxes are working fine, but there is still some room for making them work better if possible.
There is a problem with dimmerbox. I added it, it is available on Smartthings app and on My Devices list but there is no response from device. Nothing happens if I try to turn the lamp on or off. Do you have any suggestions guys?

I will look into this next week. dave

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