BlackBerry Priv not receiving Push Notifications

Hi all, this is my first post!

So those of you out there who are using the BlackBerry Priv may have noticed you are not getting Push Notifications to the device. The Priv for those who don’t know is the flagship Android device from BlackBerry, and a really fine device!

Some of my smarter colleagues have discovered that SmartThings uses Urban Airship for their push notifications and that the lib they use is actually out of date. Older versions of Urban Airship didn’t support BlackBerry since BlackBerry didn’t use to make Android devices. But now that they do, all SmartThings needs to do is pick up the latest lib and voila! Push notifications for all!

If anyone else is having this problem, I’d appreciate seeing if we can get enough interest to “encourage” SmartThings to pick up this change since they are aware of the issue but currently have no timeline for a fix since it’s not high priority. I suspect SmartThings should be able to tell from Google Play analytics how many devices are out there, but I’d definitely like to see from the Community if there’s more support!


I’m seeing the same thing on my BlackBerry PRIV. Below is the error I see in my Android logs when this happens:

“SmartThings - UALib: Urban Airship Android library does not support BlackBerry. Canceling GCM registration.”

No push notifications here either on my priv.

Same problem here.

Same here, submitting a ticket.

Got the response, I have copied it below, we will need more people to submit tickets to get it resolved.

Hello Matthew,

We are aware of the problem with the Priv not receiving notifications. There is a plan to correct this at some point in the future, but I don’t think it is one of our developer’s main priorities right now. We only have a handful of people reporting this problem right now, but the more people that report this to us the better we can understand the impact of this problem on our customers. Sorry for the hassle this is causing you and we thank you for your patience on this matter.

Best Regards,

SmartThings Support



It’s nice to see how smartthings feels about those of us using a Priv. Instead of fixing it they blame it on lack of users. Most like me didnt bother reporting thinking there were other factors. (I was part of the 6.0 Beta program and just assumed that was the issue). I finally did report it, for a phone that has been out since February and still they have no timeline for a fix. For Shame!

Getting push notifications was the main reason I went with Smartthings as texts costs me money. This is useless to me for my intended purpose until they fix the Priv issue.

Same thing with the DTEK60. No push notifications. If anyone in charge of the Android app is listening please look at the first post. Poster seems to know what needs to be done.

So glad I stumbled across this thread. Definitely will be holding off on SmartThings now. Would be useless for me until they fix this.

Having the same issue on the BB DETK60, that sucks why BB is different? I receive notifications for all other apps.

Does anyone have a timeline for a fix?