Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2017

Philips Hue Dimmable LED Smart Light $24

Philips Hue Dimmable LED Smart Light $50

Darn it! I should have waited!! :slight_smile:

Via select Alexa-enabled devices and for Prime members only, Amazon offers the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 60-watt Equivalent LED Smart Bulb for $26.99 with free shipping. other deals too!

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I think @tgauchat was looking for BR 30s …

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Great price on the Caseta starter kit, by the way. That’s the one with two dimmer switches, not just one.


These buttons look like they have a great tactile feel.

Yeah, the feel is great. Solid rubbery Button, yet easy to tell click from double click for most people. I just did a long review on them in the topic thread about buttons that service dogs can use:


Dome water shut-off for $75

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anybody need another Echo? was looking at buying harmony elite, but it doesn’t make sense to not order the combo deal, but I don’t need another echo, I’d sell it off if someone is interested.

Found few more curated list of deals here

Was anyone able order some of the hue items via Alexa? I tried earlier and just now but she quotes a higher price for all the items. For example she is reporting 151 for the started kit vs 139 on the listing.

I believe that is after tax.

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@Toasty How much do you want for the echo?

@jamesonrw Did some math and you are correct. I am new to the hue stuff but I appears this is a good deal from what I have seen online price wise. Do you guys usually score bulbs at this price or cheaper outside of a black friday event trying to decide if I should order a 1-2 bulbs over the starter kit.

This is about as cheap as I have seen hue bulbs. I would get what I can now, 20% off is really good for Hue, unless you catch a clearing out old inventory event, which doesn’t happen often.

@llcanada I was going to suggest the echo sale price… but I just found the harmony elite refurb’ed on ebay for less than the remaining amount, so I think I am going to go that route

Assuming you’re in the US, you can always check the history of prices at Amazon over about the last year going to Camel Camel Camel and just pasting in the link to the product description page. That will give you a good idea of how frequently the item goes on sale as well.

For example, here’s the single RGBW hue bulb. you can see that while it occasionally goes on sale, today’s sale is the best they’ve ever had. :sunglasses:

Camel camel camel price history page:

Product page at Amazon


Thank you for the information. I just ordered the starter kit and likely will order 2 more color bulbs.

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Damn damn damn. I bit at the $31 for bulbs on site this morning. Alexa only had the kits when I looked. I was happy when I found Gen3s on Fleabay a couple months ago for $36.

Glad I chose no rush shipping on original order. I was able to cancel it & reorder with Alexa.

What has the world come to ? Lying awake in bed at 2am reading ST forum & ordering light bulbs from Alexa ? I think I need to find a HAA meeting first thing in the morning.




Late in the game, Netatmo devices are 25% off now…