Black Friday 2019: Buy anything good?

I ended up getting several things, all good deals, nothing spectacular.

“Additional discounts” are either coupons or credit card associated discounts or coupons for purchases of other items that stacked with the Black Friday discounts, so I actually paid about 20% less than the deal price listed in most cases.

32” tv with built in Fire tv plus a free Dot for the den. We’ve been meaning to put a TV in that room ever since we got rid of cable, but just never got around to it. Found a good one at Best Buy for $120 with some additional discounts. Best Buy has the whole category on sale with the free Dot deal which Amazon does not have.

Hp laptop with DVD at Target for $299 Plus some additional discounts. Long story about why we needed these specific specs, but we did, and this was a good price.

Water pik Fusion brush plus flosser. $101 plus additional discounts at Amazon. The black one was on a lightning sale Thursday only, the white one wasn’t.

Fireproof battery case, $23. I have one of these cases and really like it, and this was a great deal. So I got one for each of my brothers.

Still looking for some other stuff, but that’s what I got so far. :sunglasses:


I got LIFX mini color bulbs 4pk for $90. Very very excited!


You have heard the saying --> You snooze, you lose!! well that appears to be the case for the one item I wanted. I saw the item at a reduced price last night. I decided to wait until today to buy it but that was a mistake. It was back to full price today. Oh well, I have three more days in the hope the price will fall again.


That’s a pretty good price. Other than the high price, LIFX is top notch. I have 4 bulbs for over a year now and love them.


I bought six daylight and six soft white Cree bulbs yesterday. Got the soft white set in the mail today already. They were about $4 each.

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I’ve been testing between Inovelli, Zooz, Caseta, and GE switches, so I picked up a switch and a dimmer from each. :stuck_out_tongue: subscriptions are on sale through Cyber Monday - we’ve had lots of people taking advantage of the sale and setting up their dashboards!

Black Friday Cyber Monday Discount


Picked up an echo flex for the master bathroom. And a Q70 for our once every 6-9 years TV purchase.


Ring Doorbell Pro + Chime Pro + Echo 5 for $179.99
MyQ Garage door opener for $17.98
2 Samsung tablets for $159.99 each

Plan to buy a few smart switches in the next 2 days, haven’t decided which brand.

Found plenty of great deals for the wife and kids. The best part was completing almost all my Christmas shopping sitting right at home.

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Bought a Roku ultra for my son who happened to see the same deal and got it for himself! :laughing:


One tiny Google Nest mini for £29 :slight_smile:

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Why did that suddenly bring to mind “and a partridge in a pear tree…”

“and a Google Nest Mini…” :musical_score:. :wink:

Got an Echo Show for $115! Had a 1st Gen Echo Dot I hadn’t used in over a year and traded it in for $5. However, I got an extra 25% off of the already reduced Echo Show price!

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Echo Show 8? Quantity of 1?

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Two Wyze cams, Echo Show 8, and two Dots. Plus rigged a “flickering flame” light bulb to an on/off plug to make my fire place look like - a fire.

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2 Wyze cams to replace my last 2 Nest Cams.

8 GE Enbrighten Switches to replace the last non-smart switches in closets.

2 fire 10 tablets, trading in 2 gen 4 fire 7s

1 Amazon basics qi fast charger lightning deal

Mcafee total protection license for 3 devices (1 year) for $4.83

I really wanted an Echo Hi-Fi but that did not go on sale…!

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