Black Friday 2016: Apple Deals

Yeah, yeah, we know – – you can get an android tablet for $40. Many of us have reasons for using Apple devices, and it’s always nice to find a deal.

Fortune is keeping a running list in the month of November on upcoming black Friday deals on Apple stuff, including the watch and Apple TV. :sunglasses:

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I was actually looking at the WallyWorld ad with the IPhone 5’s for $99. Wondering if I might pick 1 up just to play with on WiFi since some things do just work better with the IOS app.

FYI, the 25%off apple TV from Target is available today with the cartwheel app.


Everything works better with iOS app. :slight_smile: I got my iPhone 7 plus for nearly free by trading in my iPhone 6 to Verizon for 650 $. :wink:


I finally gave in and turned in my note 7 today. I got the s7 edge to replace it… along with 100.00 bill credit, free wireless charger and the new s3 watch being released next week for my troubles… x2… got the wife’s done as well.


For those looking for an AppleTV, there’s refurbs of the generation 4 at Gamestop for $80 and $100 for 32gb and 64gb respectively right now.