Black dot by device (Kwikset SmartCode916)

About 2 months ago the batteries on my Kwikset SmartCode916 for the back door died according to the battery indicator in the Smartthings app and the light on the lock itself. Easy peasy, I changed the batteries. Then I noticed the battery indicator still showed 0% (see image below). The keypad on the lock works, the app is able to unlock and lock the door, but now I see this black dot. The other thing I have noticed is the keypad is very slow to respond to touch. Initially, the keypad was very responsive but now there is a 3-10 second delay before the keypad responds to touch.

Moving on to today. I installed a second Kwikset SmartCode916 on our front door and it works like a charm.

I hope you guys or gals can provide some insight. Thank you in advance!

The black dot is the low battery warning. Looks like the battery % never refreshed after you swapped them.

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The batteries on all of my Kwikset 916’s all die within a month of installing new batteries. I have 3 (Front, Back, and Garage doors)

Try adding a Z-Wave Plus repeater within 20ft of the lock. It does wonders for battery life and reliability.
Also you want to try to reset your lock, reboot your hub and do a z-wave repair.

First of all, thank you all for taking time to read my post and provide your information.

Second, I cannot believe how easy the fix was. RBoy gave me the idea. I had to perform the ‘General Device Exclusion’ process to remove the back door Kwikset 916 lock. Then follow the steps on the Smartthing’s site to “Connect a Z-Wave Kwikset lock in the SmartThings app”. Boom! Done! Issue was fixed.

Also, the SmartApps ‘Lock Manager’ made it SUPER EASY to add another lock. I have 7 users with codes for my back door lock. When I added the front door lock, the SmartApp automatically transferred the codes to the 2nd lock.

Thanks again everyone.


I did not know this! LMAO, I have literally just been going around whenever I get locked out because I have been too lazy to setup codes for my other 2 locks!