Biometrics - New authentication method (April 1, 2018 😉)

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April Fool’s jokes should expire on April 1. Just sayin’… :wink:

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Still fun to see people go look up the product throughout the year and comment that they can’t find it.

It’s been April Fool’s on us for quite sometime, so just keeping things a little lighter :smile:

You repeatedly tell people off for starting threads in the wrong place, or starting threads at all, like you did today, and you post this?
Some people have a life, and don’t need to see this, don’t you have a life?

You continuously target me with your negative posts. I do plenty to help people in this community Alwas.

Whatever I have done to rub you the wrong way I apologize.

I also work remotely and enjoy supporting customers of NST Manager and have the community up while I work so I have a little luxury. So I do have a life with a lot of flexibility :slight_smile:

Lighten up a little. I was only having a little bit of fun where things in the community get a little stressful and frustrating for customers like around the new app and the continuous downtime that everyone has been experiencing.

I don’t tell people off unless they get belligerent or attack another community member that tried to help them. It doesn’t all need to be so serious out here.

I have no qualms with you and sorry if I have offended you, so peace man :v:

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Even if this weren’t an April Fools, licking your phone, arguably one of the most germ ridden, bacteria infested objects in life…

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