Biometric fingerprint garage door opener?

I’m looking for a fingerprint garage door opener that works with smarthings. Have searched everywhere. I dont want to use the IRIS pad because its a keypad and I might as well use the chamberlain version made to control my MYQ garage door opener. Does anyone know of a fingerprint access device that can be paired with ST. I have a MYQ garage door opener that will pair with ST. Just need the access control.

I don’t know of anything specific for a garage door opener. Westinghouse makes a commercial grade zwave door lock for businesses with a fingerprint reader , but it’s very expensive, over $700.

But generally it’s easier to just take any biometric reader and then use some device to recognize when it has opened. Then take that event and use it to trigger a garage open request. You can do this a lot of different ways.

Some people just use an older smart phone connected to Wi-Fi, use the thumbprint reader to unlock it, and open it to ActionTiles. That’s probably the simplest approach. :sunglasses: ( With action tiles, you can limit what devices are available on the screen.) However, you’re very limited in the number of people who can use it.


Other simple options would be any box safe with a fingerprint reader on it, and put a contact or motion sensor inside of it, so when the box opens you get a Z wave notification which could then trigger the garage door opening. The following is just one example, there are lots of these in different sizes and at different price points. This one can store up to 30 different fingerprints and has pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.

Or you can start looking at things like wiring in a Mimolite or a dry contact Device, but honestly that’s all a lot more complicated than just getting a phone or a box. :sunglasses:


There’s a DIY way that you could do it. It would require a a RPi running in the garage though and some tweaking of Python scripts. I’ve not seen anything out of the box that can do it (while being reasonably priced). If you don’t have a 3D printer (because, you know, doesn’t everyone have a 3D printer? LOL), you might be able to use one at your local UPS store:

The actual instructions for the build are here:
They say it costs about $160 to build it from scratch. Once you have it built, all you need to do is in the Python scripts, make a http call to your hub with a command to open the garage door upon successful authentication.

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I too am interested in this. I’m not securing fort knox here. I wonder if you could just use a USB finger print reader connected to RPi like this one, and a USB extension cable.
It would take some DIYing, but seems cheaper than the $160 build if you aren’t super concerned about security.