Bigger bundles (UK)

I notice that Samsung’s online shop is now offering bigger bundles. For example, for a whopping six hundred quid you get a hub, 6x Multi Sensors, 6x Motion Sensors, 3x Presence Sensors, 4x Power Outlets and 2x Moisture Sensors.

That’s a much more realistic set of components to automate a house than the old bundle.

There are other new bundles too - see

Its really good value considering all the devices which are included. If you work it out buying the starter pack and then adding the extras separately it all comes out at £ 754 compared to the £599

£199 (Starter Pack) + £60 (2x Presence) + £150 (5x Motion) + £150 (5x Contact) + £135 (3x Wall Outlets) + £60 (2x Moisture Sensors)

Decent deal if you ask me…however its a higher initial investment. I’ve enjoyed starting with the starter pack and adding items as I go along. More items are on their way too…

Are you just buying ST branded ones? From where? Never any deals on in UK, e.g. US at moment have 20% off again and in UK… nothing…

I have all kinds of kit from various vendors, but the details above are for the proper ST branded kit from the Samsung online store.

I couldn’t find this page just now just by trying to navigate the Samsung shop. I had to hunt through the forum to find your post and use your link?! Bizarre

They don’t make them easy to find, so they!

Oh, and I notice lots of things are 20% off at the moment there too! (Although not the big bundles).


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