Big Talker and Ring Motion Detectionl

I have a Button Event in Big Talker defined to make an announcement whenever someone Rings the doorbell. The problem is, the Button Event also fires whenever the Ring detects a motion. Is this an issue with Ring or Big Talker?

Probably in Ring. Check if Ring is sending the motion event as a button press.

It’s Ring. I wrote a doorbell app and had to deal with it.

ST is showing both Detected Motion and Was Rung. The problem is Big Talker is firing the Button Event for Detected Motion. So I still don’t know where the issue is.

Ring does fire twice.

EDIT: Motion is triggered even when the button is pressed. Plus, don’t forget that you’ll get the motion ACTIVE and INACTIVE and button PUSHED and RELEASED.

Doesn’t Ring detect motion first? I mean you need to walk up to it to press the button right?

I am seeing on my end that when I trigger Motion I only see a motion event under recently, have yet to see a button event when I only trigger Motion.

The ring does not have to see a motion first. In fact, I currently have the motion sensing disabled via the Ring app. When someone presses the button, the camera will come on and alert the mobile and ring the chime if you have one.

What I’m seeing in ST is “Detected Motion” whenever the Ring detects motion, regardless of whether motion is enabled or not in the Ring app. It’s a bit annoying as I have Big Talker configured announce “Someone is at the Front Door” when the button event is fired. Problem is, it fires the button event everytime Ring picks up a motion.

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I looked at my app a little closer and here is what I see. If motion is triggered the following happens:

motion (active)
button (default)
motion (inactive)

The one that’s odd (IMO) is that the button fires with evt.value = default. I coded my app to ignore it. The active/inactive for the motion is normal.