Big Switch is unreliable

Anyone else having trouble with The Big Switch app?

I have a Aeon Micro Switch set up as the master, and two Smartthings Smartpower modules as slaves controlling floor lamps. The system works about half the time. Most often, only one of the two Smartpower modules responds properly.

I have tons of trouble when the master switch is triggered by a Hello, Home phrase. That fails to control one or both of the Smartpower modules almost every time.

Seems to work fine for me, other than the 5 second delay is annoying

My use case is aeon micro in a traditional switch box controlling a GE link.

Thanks. I just rewrote the Big Switch app to be as simple as possible for my application… gonna remove all of my devices, re-pair them with the hub, and try again. Ya know… the usual ST troubleshooting…

My big stuff includes two Hue’s as well as two Aeon’s (using my driver)
One Aeon runs the bunch via a hacked big app (to include illum and presence), it’s worked great (<1 second response), except for the past few days, been a little pokey.

is your app posted somewhere Mike?

It’s not the app that makes it work, its the device for the Aeon’s that advantages their instant status reporting…
Prior to writing the device drivers my experience was similar to yours…
Aeon micro devices are here: