Big Switch Delay

I have a very simple setup that I’m looking for the best way to implement.

I have a Z-Wave light switch that turns on a light, and I want it to simultaneously control an appliance module that runs another light. The only way I’ve found so far is the Big Switch SmartApp. This seems like overkill but it works. However, there is a several second delay that I don’t know how to eliminate.

How can I fine tune this? Or - is there a better way to do the same thing and have it act more like a regular light switch?

You may not be able to eliminate the delay completely, but there is some tuning you can do.

First, what are the exact models of the devices?

Second, how many other zwave devices on your network?

Third, how far away physically are the devices in your use case from each other, and from the hub?

Fourth, when’s the last time you did a Zwave “repair” on your network?

And fifth, are you running any custom smartapps?

around 12 devices.

Switches/appliance modules are all Linear

light switch 30 ft from hub (downstairs through floor)
App module is 20 ft from the switch in the same room.

two custom smart apps - the MyQ one and one that adds/updates codes on my Schlage door lock.

Repair is the first thing I did - no change.

If I use the phone app to turn on/off the appliance module it’s a split second delay, sometimes a whole second. It’s only this “Big Switch” app that is 5 - 10 seconds.

I actually get the same delay. Using a zwave switch to wirelessly turn on a lamp. I don’t use it now but I can throw together a quick app to see if it response is any faster. I guess the question is how long is it taking the hub to see the switch turn on/off

The success or failure of big switch depends on how quickly your devices report a status changes to st.
To see where the issue is, view the switch tile in the app, then activate the zwave switch via its physical switch.
How long does it take the ST tile to change state?
I had the same issue with all my aeon devices, until I changed the default reporting parameters, now they report status changes to ST in under a second, and most of the time half that.

Mike_Maxwell - Thanks for the idea. Where do I change the reporting parameter of the appliance module?

Sorry, I missed this the first time you posted it.

If the light switch and the appliance switch both support association, just directly associate them and they’ll talk directly to each other, turn on will be near instantaneous. If you have a minimote, that’s an easy way to do the one time set up for the association. You can still use the Big Switch smartapp as well to keep the status up to date in the mobile app if you want.

What are the model numbers?


These are the two pieces:

I see the switch supports association, but it doesn’t look like the module does :frowning:

Thanks again for your help!

I haven’t checked conformance statements, but based on the two user guides you linked to, both devices list association under the Z wave interoperability section. So they may well be able to associate.

Do you have an aeon Minimote?

No I don’t… I wonder if there is another way to associate?

Hi JD - I bought a Minimote and set it up. Just for fun, I assigned a button to the two devices and they both fire on/off simultaneously - after a few second delay. Pretty much like I would expect.

I assume I need to use the actual associate function - do you know how? I’ll keep googling…

When you slide open the inner compartment on the Minimote, you’ll see the associate button among others. Just follow the directions for each device and the Minimote. It’s usually just a matter of pushing buttons in the right order, pretty straightforward.

I found the instructions too. Mine is V1 - no associate button. I think it’she “blank” button on my remote.

Regardless, when I get the slow blink on the remote to indicate it is in associate mode, pushing buttons on the light switch and appl. module doesn’t seem, to do anything - no 2 second flash like it says in the manual. I was wondering if I need to do something about “secondary inclusion controller” or if that is automatically handled once I add it to the hub.

Double-click is the key on the Linears… making some progress.

You need to check the instructions for each specific device, different ones have different protocols to associate.

What models are you working with?

Also note the sequence: Minimote, then device to be triggered, then device to send the trigger. So if you want a motion sensor to trigger a lamp, the sequence is Minimote, lamp, sensor.

It’s these:

I see the switch supports association, but it doesn’t look like the module does. I may pick up a different module or swap it for an actual outlet.

Thanks again!

So this help request is slight different than the delay conversation that is happening here…but it is the best forum post related to “The Big Switch” I could find, and this forum topic is somewhat current. Hoping for help!

New to smartthings, but got the hub set up and 2 GE Dimmer Switches. Also have 1 Schlage light module appliance switch (the standard generic module out there). Everything works fine independently and “The Big Switch” app works fine, however actually using the wall switch set as the trigger in The Big Switch, (one of the GE light switches - instead of the app) does NOT work. Anyone got thoughts as to why not, what I might have done wrong? That local switch and hardwired light comes on, but the other GE switch and the Schlage are not powered up.

Does it trigger correctly if you use the Thing on the mobile app for the switch? If so, try this as a test: turn on the switch, then press the Refresh tile on the Thing for the switch, and see if that triggers it. Let me know. I can help you walk through this, either here or by private message.