BI Fusion Query

Hello everyone,

I had recently installed BI Fusion and it was working great at first and now it only partially works.

Here is some idea of my setup. So I’ve had DynDNS for a long time and realised early on that it wasn’t working with that as it expects an actual IP address and supposed to be a local one too.

My setup is that my cameras, my NVR are at home with my SmartThings Hub but my Blue Iris server is at a remote location. So I pointed the BI Fusion server to the direct IP of remote location ensuring ports are forwarded as expected to allow communication. It worked for a time and then the IP changed. I have now been assigned a static IP by the provider at the remote location. So that’s all well and good.

The problem is now that the Blue Iris server Profile Device appears Offline. It is like communication on the static IP is not working right.

Also when first set up, the cameras would also show a preview in SmartThings App but this no longer works. However it still receives Motion Dectection events which I presume is those active and inactive trigger event URL’s being set for each camera in Blue Iris.

I’m not too concerned at this moment but how can I correct the behaviour without removing the devices? I feel I should be able to without remove all together and re-add and then authorise each device for use in AT and other SmartApps.

Is there something I’m perhaps doing wrong? The motion detection in SmartThings app is good to have and for purpose of triggering outside lights after sunset and that kind of thing. If ever I add more cameras or adjust sensitivity of motion detection, I hope that’ll reflect in SmartThings too.

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