BI Fusion not showing in My Apps

I installed the bi fusion smartapps and dth’s in the ST IDE. I cannot see the BI Fusion SmartApp in My Apps in the classic mobile app. I followed the instructions but I have no clue. Webcore I installed shows just fine.
What’s up??

Does anyone have any insight? My investment in Blu Iris depends on this integration otherwise its money wasted. Thanks.

Did you install it in the right location? A lot of accounts have two Home locations from the Samsung migration. Did you also install both the smart app and device handler? Is the smart app published?

In the right location? Okay, I’m really not well versed in this and I usually only have scraps of time to work on it. I see 2 home locations and can see the difference in devices but not getting how I can choose where I can direct the install. I don’t see BlueIris in either location. The 2nd home location seems to be the one I want. Yes SmartApp is published. BI, trigger, camera and server groovy files are installed. BI and Trigger are in smartapps, camera and server are in DTH’s. Oauth is true.

I’ll do more poking around in ide. Thank you for the reply. Sorry I sound desperate but I’m a little stressed these days. Bear w me.

Do you login to IDE at ?


Sorry basically the same place.