BEWARE: Automations Auto Delete

This is a fairly new, annoying behavior. The automation used to get turned off/disabled if you deleted a device that was used in the IF side. That seems like a much better alternative.


Yeah especially if you smoke your hub… :sunglasses:


Since it took over 5 minutes for the automation to go away, I’m guessing there’s a “garbage collection” pass happening in the background. The software developer in me really wants to do another test, where I’d try updating an Automation to replace the missing device in the 5 minute window, and then see if it still goes away. But I’m not going to bother.

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I think you’re right on the money John. Someone needs to go shoot that garbage collection process in the head…

I’d also accept e-write it to have a 30-day, hell even a 14-day timeout. mark the automation red, warn the user it’ll go away in XXX days. that’s fine.

This explains why one of my automation was deleted without warning. I like the idea of notifying the user if you delete this device it will break your automation. Then mark it red and let the user go in and modify it or delete it. If they don’t then after x days then let the garble collector do it’s job.


This happened to me as well; I deleted a device that was used in a more than a few automations (a fan controller I was fiddling with DTH mods for) and every single one of my automations that used it vanished.

The new app threatened me with deleting an automation, but luckily all that happened is that my changes weren’t saved. I was attempting to add my TVs to an automation and apparently the app really didn’t like that.

In addition to the error in the screenshot there was also a “network or server error” that briefly popped up but went away before I could screenshot it.

Or, since the automation already has a button to disable it, just use that instead of deleting it


Also have had my Goodnight and Away automations delete on their own multiple times…I too noticed a pattern of it happening after I deleted a device. Super aggravating since automations using lots of devices are not the quickest to re-create in the new app. I had tried using scenes (like a routine in Classic) instead of putting all the devices in the automation but I can’t seem to get scenes to consistently work for me in the new app. Boo…