Better way to add new Phillips Hue motion sensor or light

I found that Smartthings isn’t updating when I add a new Hue device. Their recommendation is to delete all your Hue devices and reconnect with Hue. :open_mouth:

When you do this you lose all connection (42 lights and 3 motion sensors) and it removes them from all automations and rooms. You then re-dump them back in (it picks 2 areas where it dumps most of my stuff) and then one by one move them to the right rooms and automations. Exhauting.

When I just add one or two new things, is Smartthing supposed to find them automatically? And if not, any better suggestions as to how not to lose all the connections?


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They’re supposed to be available to add once you’ve added the bridge, and they used to, but multiple people have reported over the last few weeks that that isn’t working. And not just for smartthings, for other platforms as well.

see the following recent discussion:

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