Better Notifications when Alarm is Activated? (Phone alerts outside the US?)

Hi all
i’m slowly learning about smartthings and z wave but i started to read the itfff site. it had on there , i dont know what you call them but if my alarm is activated i would get a phone call, but they are all USA based. My question is are there any better notifications you can get when you are out and the alarm is activated, thanks all hope you understand what i’m on about

Where are you located? Also when you say “better” are you saying better than a text or push notification? Are you wanting a phone call with a canned message or professional monitoring solution?

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Can you set up a Google Voice account with a US number and have that receive a call or text message for you? Not sure if that would qualify as “better”.

it’s possible with IFTTT with woopla that you recieve a call when a switch is turned on.

Set SMH to turn on a virtual switch when the alarm goes off.
Set IFTTT that IF that switch goes on THAT woopla call you.
Set in webcore that the virtual switch will be turned off when you disarm the alarm.

Problem is, costs 51 cents per minute it calls, no mather if you pick up.
With Woopla you can automate the message it speaks when you pick up. I have the phone number in my phone set as “ALARM GOES OFF”, message says which location the alarm goes off. It’s even possible to make it say which sensor tripped the alarm in the call.

It’s really fast after the switch is turned on, way faster then you would recieve a call from any security company and it worked every time. The costs is the only thing which isn’t good, since my girlfriend trips the alarm more then she should :slight_smile: