"Better Double Tap" -- A version that works

Thanks for your time.

I noticed the Github code has been removed (I got a 404). Thanks for putting this together. Can you point me in the direction of the latest code?

@pranalli, is this code still available? I also got a 404. Would love it if so. Thanks!

Did this time change fix the rouge nature of the switch turning on and off randomly?

I haven’t been keeping up with the platform because I got really discouraged by the weaknesses of the cloud. What time change are you referring to?

This app was replaced by a better one called Double Duty, please go here to get it:

Keep in mind that the ST platform, unfortunately, makes apps like this inherently unreliable in a way that is impossible for developers to compensate for. But you’ll see the discussion regarding that in that thread.

Hello All, with some effort in last few days, I made my own version for double tap to toggle another light. It works for me like a charm. I am glad to share with every one here and hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if there are any issues.

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Couldn’t add your code to Smartthings. Gave me an error about syntax or missing }

Sorry, I was syncing with my linux client and got it messed up. I reverted
it to a good version already. Please try again.

Mike, what’s different about your code vs the others? Does it work with GE dimmers?

I don’t have GE dimmers. It should work better in event handling. No need to search back into the event log.

Hi Mike,

Complete newcomer to smartthings and I’m not getting this to work and may be missing some steps…
Created a smartapp with your code, published it, and added it from the mobile app under my apps. I configured the master switch (GE dimmer) and tried various other switches and outlets as slaves. Doubletapping has no effect on the slaves.

Please let me know if I missed something.


Some tips are:

When your master switch is on, tap the upper side of the switch (on
position) twice, otherwise, tap the down side of the switch (off position)
twice. And you should not tap too fast, probably 1 second in between the
taps. Or you feel you fully released the first tap before you tap next.
Good luck.

Btw, I don’t have dimmer switch to test with so I can’t guarantee it works
with it. Anyway, I’ll try to get one and tune it later.

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will this work with leviton switches/dimmers? DZMX1 and DZS15

I can’t get @q13975’s version to work, or the original posted.

I played around with the IDE simulator and couldn’t get it to fire another on event once the switch was already on. It seems like that is the purpose of the [filterEvents: false] parameter in the method call:

subscribe(master, "switch", switchHandler, [filterEvents: false])

Looking at the API Reference for SmartApp, there is no mention of the [filterEvents: false] parameter.

Is someone able to get this to work?

As I know, it won’t work in IDE. So far only GE switch works.

Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately I’m finding it as (un)reliable as the stock app.

No luck here either. I have the GE toggle switches and not paddle switches. Any idea if this works with the plain toggle switches without the dimmer or is the paddle or dimmer required?


In my experience, it only works on toggle switches, like I use to control fluorescent tubes (will not dim by design) and will not work on the identical looking switch which has dimmer. I’ve spent hours trying to time the double click, change device handler, etc. Only works reliably on the non-dimmer type switches. My housekeeper has a thick accent and can’t control Alexa. Double click on dimmer type switches would be great because I think it is the more popular installation. Make sure you have the required device handler!!!

Goofy does double tap actually work for you? If so, what device handler and app are you using? Which specific switch too. GE toggle…z wave plus or just z wave.